Tim Gouw

Mercury Retrograde – Fear or Revere?

I was a bit hasty when I said on radio that I thought Mercury going retrograde was also a great time to re-think, re-calibrate and re-create yourself. I had maybe forgotten how tricky it is to work with technology as the retrograde appears.

This morning has been fraught with what seems like sticky buttons and poor mouse control? Is it me? I kinda hope it is, because we’ll be in retrograde for a little over a month all things considered.

Here are the details of Mercury’s transit this month:-

  • Heading into Retrograde – July 24th, 2017 – August 11 2017
  • Retrograde – August 12 to September 5, 2017 –  5th September 2017
  • Heading out of Retrograde – 6th September – 19th September 2017

For those of you who know your chart, Mercury retrograde starts at 11 degrees Virgo and reverses back to 28 degrees Leo. Watch out if it’s your birthday between 20th August to 5th September because this could affect you more acutely.

Brightside though – if you want to re-programme your mind. Now is the time to do it! Enjoy x

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Marcus Aurelius, ‘Meditations’

Dates are useful things. They help us to pinpoint when our luck changed, happy memories, and untold pleasures in life. It’s no wonder that people deliberate when they need to find one. Dates are special and they carry immense power in them.

The art of finding auspicious dates is celebrated here. Using astrological techniques, I look to the stars; our planets, asteroids and constellations to find you the most helpful dates to celebrate your life. What’s more, I share these secrets with you in my blog, in my videos and in my books.

If you’re looking for the right date for a beautiful new beginning, then this is a good place to rest for a while. The stars have all the answers.