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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Rights of Passage to Magnificent Unfolding!

Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun takes 11.86 years to complete. It therefore changes astrological sign approximately every 12 months, sometimes more and sometimes less. This November (2018), Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and will reside there for just under 13 months. So what does this transit mean to us? Continue reading “Jupiter in Sagittarius – Rights of Passage to Magnificent Unfolding!”

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September New Moon Forecast – The Truth Release

“This energy is tuned in to clarity. The Virgo New Moon challenges Neptune to ‘come clean’ and because both Neptune, the Sun and the Moon are in supportive aspects to Pluto (transformation) and Jupiter (expansiveness, optimism), there’s a strong element that the solution can be revealed.” Continue reading “September New Moon Forecast – The Truth Release”

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How to navigate 2018’s Summer/Autumn of retrogrades

This is part one of a two part Retrograde Summer experience.

In this piece I look at the effect and meaning of each of the 7 (yes 7) planetary bodies involved in our retrogrades this year. In part two, I look at the powerful release points where you can ease off some of this cosmic tension with a little moon magic and intention work. If you’ve been through the mill recently, why not join me in getting some clarity on when and how this will all pass….. Continue reading “How to navigate 2018’s Summer/Autumn of retrogrades”

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‘Love Special’ of The Astrology Show


Carl (AKA The Barefoot Broadcaster) and I did a Love Special last night on the astrology show, demonstrating some of the astrological indicators you might want to look out for if you’re single and want to find love, but also chatting around love (and how our partners show up), whilst looking at the charts of three listeners.

Kimberley Jones, from Kimberleyjones.com said ‘I took part in this fantastic radio show last night, all about LOVE. Gifted astrologer Louisa Tanner Munson did a Love Reading for me live on air. Space expertly held by Carl Munson as always. Grab a drink, settle in and enjoy!’ ❤️❤️❤️

And long term supporter of The Barefoot Broadcast, Jackie Roberts said ‘another Rip Roaring Success of a Show!’

Listen in above to hear more, or message me if you’d like a free reading during a future show.

BIG LOVE xxxxx


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The Full Moon and beyond – How we are still working it all out

In my recent radio show ‘The Planetary Magic Solstice Show’ I looked at the lunation line up for the month ahead, looking at last night’s Full Moon in Capricorn, and further still into both of July’s eclipses. There seems to be a strong healing narrative. Continue reading “The Full Moon and beyond – How we are still working it all out”