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‘Love Special’ of The Astrology Show


Carl (AKA The Barefoot Broadcaster) and I did a Love Special last night on the astrology show, demonstrating some of the astrological indicators you might want to look out for if you’re single and want to find love, but also chatting around love (and how our partners show up), whilst looking at the charts of three listeners.

Kimberley Jones, from Kimberleyjones.com said ‘I took part in this fantastic radio show last night, all about LOVE. Gifted astrologer Louisa Tanner Munson did a Love Reading for me live on air. Space expertly held by Carl Munson as always. Grab a drink, settle in and enjoy!’ ❤️❤️❤️

And long term supporter of The Barefoot Broadcast, Jackie Roberts said ‘another Rip Roaring Success of a Show!’

Listen in above to hear more, or message me if you’d like a free reading during a future show.

BIG LOVE xxxxx


Am I with the right partner?

This is one of the most frequent questions I get from clients during consultation. It’s a very tough one to answer because people get into and out of relationships for many different reasons and one woman’s commitment is another woman’s prison. Add in to that the fact that we are all free agents, and I can’t guarantee that my astrological predictions will come to pass. I could determine that you were with the right person and you could still be swept of your feet by a newer Mr or Mrs Right. It’s a minefield. Really, truly it is.

When someone asks this question I run through a disclaimer of sorts that says what’s possible and what’s not. Here it is.

My Astrological Disclaimer for Relationships:-

  1. Can’t say for certain that you’ll end up with a specific person or say how long it will last
  2. Can’t say for certain that the other person will want to be in a relationship with you in the way you want
  3. Can’t guarantee that the pressures of life won’t make being together a nightmare.

My Astrological Charter for Relationships:-

  1. I can run through what brings you together, what makes you stay strong, what challenges you and find strategies for you to bond at a deeper level.
  2. I can advise you of astrological phases coming in to each of your lives and how they might affect your relationship, so that you can plan diversions or strategic actions to mitigate or make the most of, the energies.

There are a number of charts I can look at to determine compatibility and durability within a relationship. I’ll write more about this shortly, because I have observed again and again, the conditions that help support a great relationship, and also the energies of relationships that don’t end well. But these are the main ‘relationship’ tools an astrologer might use to help you.

Tool for compatibility

Synastry Chart

This compares your birthchart to that of your partner. Often you’ll see prominent links between each other’s planets. Where there are links between you, they describe how your energies affect each other.

Composite Chart

A composite chart looks at the entity that exists between you both, namely the relationship. Quite simply it is constructed by finding the closest midpoint between each of your planets and angles. (ie: if your Sun is 4 degrees Pisces, and your partner’s is 4 degrees Scorpio, your composite Sun with be 4 degrees Capricorn.)

Essentially the composite chart is completely made up. And that mirrors reality, because your relationship is also made up between your mixed energies.

Tools for durability

Looking into the future, I will look at where the transiting planets will be at different times for both you and your partner. From this it is easy to see when there are possible challenges and fracture points, and also times to grow stronger. Whilst I can’t say whether you’ll stay together or not (that’s both of your choices), if you can plan ahead for the harder times and also for the more productive times, you’ll be much more likely to stay happier within your relationship and make informed choices.

The progressed Moon is a good indicator of emotional turning points, so analysing this, in both charts with the transits can give very accurate timing to when things change and how they might change. The progressed Moon often shows up prominently in both your charts around the time of marriage, of the conception and/or birth of a child.


I have recently come to feel uncomfortable looking at partnerships without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the partner. I used to take it as read, that clients who have requested relationship advice, were in a significant relationship and that this was a mutual request. (I have high levels of trust in the people I work with)

There have more recently been times when it has just felt ‘off’, and that if I did this job, I might be spying into someone’s life. Therefore, I now like to hear from both partners before agreeing to look into any relationship.

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