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‘Love Special’ of The Astrology Show


Carl (AKA The Barefoot Broadcaster) and I did a Love Special last night on the astrology show, demonstrating some of the astrological indicators you might want to look out for if you’re single and want to find love, but also chatting around love (and how our partners show up), whilst looking at the charts of three listeners.

Kimberley Jones, from Kimberleyjones.com said ‘I took part in this fantastic radio show last night, all about LOVE. Gifted astrologer Louisa Tanner Munson did a Love Reading for me live on air. Space expertly held by Carl Munson as always. Grab a drink, settle in and enjoy!’ ❤️❤️❤️

And long term supporter of The Barefoot Broadcast, Jackie Roberts said ‘another Rip Roaring Success of a Show!’

Listen in above to hear more, or message me if you’d like a free reading during a future show.

BIG LOVE xxxxx


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Ready for lift off

  • Website updated – check
  • Patreon page created  – check
  • Patreon content created – check
  • Direction set – check
  • Been to the toilet – check
  • Ready for LIFT OFF!

Lift Off!

Looks like I’m finally set to launch my Patreon site. I say finally, because I missed my first great astrological launch date due to massive slap-dashery on my part. As any one of my senior school teachers would have said, ‘You only have yourself to blame’. Thankfully nobody knew (except me)

But this was my second launch date choice, and it’s a good one. So tonight at 00.10am on the 28th May 2018, Carl and I will be doing a radio show to kick it off in style. We’ve already got some questions from my first beautiful Patron (sponsors).

On tonight’s show

We’ll be talking about the significance of numbers, or more importantly ages seen as turning points. There’s a lot of fuss about changing decades, but not much about the 7 years. And yet in psychology, there’s emphasis on natural stages that seem to take place around the 7 years. And there are many planets that orbit in cycles related to the number 7.

We’ll also be chatting about ‘The Sessions’ that are launching this month.

Join us if you’re awake! And have ideas and questions.

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