June’s New Moon – Stepping beyond moral shaming!

New Moon / June 13th 2018 / 20.43 GMT

Here’s the details I’m most interested in with this week’s New Moon and the overall energies of lunar magic-

  • Sun and Moon at 22 degrees 44  conjunct asteroid Chaos at 23 degrees (asteroid Chaos number is 19521) *
  • Sun and Moon square asteroid Urania and Trans Neptunian Object, Borasisi (numbers 30 and 66652 respectively)
  • Sun and Moon trine asteroid Tyche (number 258)
  • Sun and Moon quincunx Pluto
  • Saturn exactly opposes asteroid Isis (number 42)
  • Saturn contra parallel both Venus and Ceres at 22** degrees
  • Venus and Vesta quincunx exactly at 29 degrees
  • There’s no one unifying pattern to this month’s New Moon, but there are a few patterns describing a couple of key scenarios

Here’s how I see the energies setting the scene:-

The Sun and Moon conjunct Chaos encourages us to look to where discord, anarchy and disuption occur in our life, and do something about it. There’s a new start available.

According to the wonderful DarkstarAstrology.com, minor planet/asteroid Chaos represents disruption and our world falling apart. The kind of disorder and anarchy, that ‘will show where you have to fight your most difficult battle’. You can read more about Chaos here, from this wonderful website.

With Chaos conjunct the New Moon, we’ve got an opportunity to make sense and connect with each of our most difficult battles, even if they create disorder and anarchy. There’s a need to consciously process our ego attachments and feelings about our most challenging aspects. As usual – we can lead the investigation ourselves, or just wait for the challenge in the post. I’d recommend facing your demons head on!

This potent conjunction is in a sharp square to Urania and Borasisi. I’m familiar with the energies of Urania, bringing light and understanding to the situation. Urania sees the patterns and foretells the future, through rigorous understanding.

Borasisi is not an asteroid/TNO I have seen or used before, but is in a critical place. According to Alex Miller of Alexasteroidastrology.com, Borasisi’s energies ‘represents deception of all types, though especially those perpetrated by or in the name of religion. It relates to illusion and delusion, particularly conscious self-delusion’

Urania conjunct Borasisi might pertain to shining the light on how we’ve been deluding ourselves. Especially how we have collectively and unconsciously been in an illusion.***

So with the New Moon/Chaos squaring Urania and Borasisi conjunction, we’ve got a theme of an intellectual fight. Disorder, anarchy and our worlds falling apart because of the light shining on our delusions, and the patterns revealing where we have been lied to. This seems to draw on nicely from the message of last month’s Full Moon.

Quincunx Pluto

Add in the power struggle from Pluto and we can see there’s a new start available to us, but for us all to start over is going to involve a reset of epic proportions. Freeing ourselves from what has used it’s power against us, is easier said than done and the power source (the source of the external lies and deceptions) , are likely to have other power play techniques to keep us hooked and dependant.

The power source of our internal lies and deceptions (our unconscious minds) are similarly difficult to shift. They are born out of our ego’s need to be safe, and will protect themselves.

In each case, the more we struggle, the more we get caught, as a fly does in a Venus fly trap. Hence why Chaos reminds us that we are fighting our most important battle.

Trine asteroid Tyche

But we have luck and good fortune on our side to uncover what we need to know, to find our way back to ourselves and our new start as described by the new Moon energy. Tyche’s abundant and surprising luck will help us land on our feet. People with a strong, clear Tyche energy, will find it much easier to land on their feet (again), and find a safer passage.

The key patterns involving Saturn

Saturn opposition asteroid Isis, is interesting. Isis shows us finding the the missing pieces of what we need to make sense of our world. It shows a determination to persist, like an insistent, nagging need for clarity. She is a fabulous interpreter of signs and wisdom. And she is magical, breathing life back into that which she loves passionately.

Having Saturn in opposition to Isis shows a tug of war, where what we are looking for, is deliberately being held from us. There are actual restrictions in place to us knowing.  These might be legal, governmental recommendations, medical.

You might remember that Saturn is a patriarch, and as such represents all the systems and bodies put in place to ‘manage’ humanity.

As Isis is also an archetype for motherhood, fertility and magic, the opposition could also be read as an internal battle between paternalistic methodologies versus maternal instincts. The father versus the mother.

So we have this archetype feeding into the magic of this month’s New Moon message.

Saturn contra parallel Venus and Ceres

As if we didn’t need any more boy versus girl descriptions, Saturn is also contra parallel to both Venus and Ceres. (To understand Contra Parallel – think opposition). Here we have another two feminine energies in opposition to the great patriarch Saturn.

Venus, bringing the idea of friendliness, love and innocence. Dwarf planet Ceres, bringing a more adult version of femininity, representing motherhood and nurturing. Like Saturn, Ceres too represents great responsibility. So we have responsibility from both masculine and feminine points of view and the struggle for dominance or completeness.

I guess from humanity’s perspective, all the time we see this as a fight of who has dominance we will forever be in this collective battle. Maybe the message here is to find a way to ‘blend’ the energies and work together?

Funnily enough, I’ve devoted this month’s podcasts to explore Saturn, responsibility and parenthood in the material I’m creating for Patreon. Here are just two links to podcasts about Saturn and parental roles within our birth charts. How to see your parents in your birthchart and Transactional Analysis and Astrology

Let’s also factor in the Venus and Vesta Quincunx.

Vesta (now reclassified as a baby planet), shows where we keep the home fires burning, and what we class as sacred. She brings warmth and light to truth. She is an archetype for our sacral journey through life. What we fiercely and independently guard.

In Vesta’s quincunx to Venus we have a choice to make between keeping the peace/ turning a blind eye  and telling the truth, even though it may hurt. Venus likes to be diplomatic, and can back down from her truth to keep the peace. Vesta energy won’t do this.

This is a tricky one to uphold, because we have been programmed from birth to ‘tell white lies’ and that it is OK, moreover it is desirable. My question here for humanity would be, do white lies really help us? and also ‘why would the truth be unkind?’

How can dialogue really ever flow, when people aren’t truly free to be honest? How can we ever meet each other in a place of respect, when we aren’t honest enough to communicate and listen openly. I really like Brad Blanton’s book ‘Radical Honesty’  where he teaches people to ‘tell the truth, AND stick around to clear up the mess’. Like all new skills, it creates upset and difficulty at first, and once we’ve worked through that, a great new trust and respect can evolve. From a position of trust and respect anything is truly possible.**** So from what I can see of Vesta and Venus there is a choice about honesty and authenticity.

The New Moon in a nutshell

Urania/Borasisi is asking us to consider where we have been lied to and where we have lied to ourselves. This is the crux of this month’s New Moon energy. In it’s square to the Sun, Moon and Chaos, we’re being promised a great new start, if and when we can clear the decks of bullsh*t in our lives. This may cause chaos, and may connect us in to the fight of our life. The question is, how great is your life while you sit on your truth? How much better might your life be, with a full clearing of all that you’ve held on to?

We have lots of Saturn opposition energy to the sacred feminine archetypes of Isis, Venus and Ceres. We also have a difficult Pluto aspect to the Sun/Moon/Chaos. This isn’t an easy decision. Our own self delusions, have been built on the lies of our ancestors, trained into us from birth. And we have kept those lies going, teaching them to the each other, and judging ourselves by these fake truths. We have been complicit in it all.

And with the addition of Vesta, we need to feel our way out of this, whilst listening with a cool ear. We need to let our feelings guide us to what feels right, but not be so blinded to a truth, that we can’t hear anyone else rationally. We are all doing our best, with what we know based on our experiences. Some of us, are much more likely to listen compassionately to people who have different opinions to us. Some of us are much more likely to listen from their place of hurt.

This is a slow process, this awakening lark. But one thing I’m sure of, we’ll not live in peace, all the while we make others wrong, even when they seem so fundamentally wrong.

My learning in these times and in the secrets that this Moon is sharing with us is this. I feel the need to step away from the positions I have taken in life. It seems that my positions which I perceived to have been good, right, justified (inclusion, diversity, fairness, equality), have in fact created a new problem, an insidiousness. It created separation.

Seeing others as wrong, has not in fact helped to change anything. It hasn’t fostered new conversations, because I judged the other person wrong from the outset. How can any meaningful conversation happen when you listen with judgemental and closed ears?  You can’t listen to what people say without projecting on them. Any potential for change, or happy outcome, has been stopped because of my insistence of how right I might have felt morally.

And I am seeing this now. There is an agenda in the news that has pervaded right through social media and into the mindsets of a largely liberal ‘nicey’ generation. The insidiousness, that I have seen is how people are routinely ‘put down’, made fun of, discredited etc, because they don’t share the same views – and it is deemed OK to do it, because the typical nice guys appear to have the moral high ground.

It seems to be culturally ‘fair game’ to discredit someone’s message, by putting someone down for who they are, rather than actually listen to the message. Newsflash everyone – even people we don’t like can tell the truth, and have workable ideas, solutions and concepts for a better world! We miss a trick, when we discard the message according to our judgements of how ‘morally right’ the speaker might be. And yes, that might include people summarily deemed as bigots and racists. Everyone has a message and everyone’s message can be dismissed through our own bigotry.

I don’t find moral high ground put downs the sign of a healthy civilisation. I also don’t think this kind of bullying (yes bullying), is ever going to create an opportunity for true change and understanding. I really hope that humanity (myself included) can mature beyond a blame culture premised on victimhood, ‘being offended’ and the moral shaming of others.

Hope this new moon is good to you!

Louisa x

Side notes

You might have noticed I’ve made NO REFERENCE WHATSOEVER to actual starsigns within this piece. It’s partly because I received a bit of a panning from an astrologer troll recently re: sidereal versus tropical astrology. I find when I look at someone’s chart I pay much more attention to the aspects between planets and the houses they are in, than the signs involved. I just wondered if my reading of this New Moon was worse for it or not. 

However my troll friend said  I quote ‘Anyone who really cares about astrology recognises that the only true astrology out there is Sidereal’. Well I’m happy to read a client’s chart with whatever system they want me to use! And my feelings about the great sidereal debate really sit within this wonderful article I found on Astro.com, describing the debate in terms of the time zones we all live in. It might be 10am in London and 4pm in Australia – but which is the true time? Arguing over our difference doesn’t make one theory right over the other. We have different set points is all. As it happens, I will continue to take on board feedback from clients, experiment and let astrology guide me through. What are your thoughts?

**Anyone else noticed that there’s a lot of power numbers in this New Moon’s coding? Sun/Moon at 22 degrees 44. SAturn, Venus and Ceres at a declination of 22 degrees.

***It also occurred to me that Urania conjunct Borasisi could be interpreted as ‘that the studying of the planets is a conscious self-delusion’, and lets face it I’ve recently come across all manner of negativity from social media themes claiming Astrology is a lie, psychics are frauds – I’ve observed astrology get a panning from rather angry atheists and scientists of late. Who knows?!

****I have quoted Brad Blanton in a post before and wrote to him to thank him. I received a brilliant reply that went a bit like this ‘I don’t know if I believe in astrology, but I’m glad you find my work useful!’ haha!! Love him.

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Ready for lift off

  • Website updated – check
  • Patreon page created  – check
  • Patreon content created – check
  • Direction set – check
  • Been to the toilet – check
  • Ready for LIFT OFF!

Lift Off!

Looks like I’m finally set to launch my Patreon site. I say finally, because I missed my first great astrological launch date due to massive slap-dashery on my part. As any one of my senior school teachers would have said, ‘You only have yourself to blame’. Thankfully nobody knew (except me)

But this was my second launch date choice, and it’s a good one. So tonight at 00.10am on the 28th May 2018, Carl and I will be doing a radio show to kick it off in style. We’ve already got some questions from my first beautiful Patron (sponsors).

On tonight’s show

We’ll be talking about the significance of numbers, or more importantly ages seen as turning points. There’s a lot of fuss about changing decades, but not much about the 7 years. And yet in psychology, there’s emphasis on natural stages that seem to take place around the 7 years. And there are many planets that orbit in cycles related to the number 7.

We’ll also be chatting about ‘The Sessions’ that are launching this month.

Join us if you’re awake! And have ideas and questions.

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Astrology in the most unlikely places

I’m tired of *incense and *yoga pants. I want to bust out of the world of where astrology usually sits. Don’t get me wrong – I like a bit of *Nag Champa and a good stretch, but astrology seems to take place in mystic fairs and in online forums…I want it to breathe in the fresh light of day. I’m up for a possibility that astrology sits in a world where it reaches everyone and without stigma.

Continue reading “Astrology in the most unlikely places”

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Chiron in Aries, April 2018- April 2027

Defensive posturing?

Has anyone else recently noticed the ”shit is really hitting the fan’? Noticed that people are fighting for the sake of fighting? That social media is getting a little out of hand and people are projecting their anger? That our governments are advocating war, mostly against the will of the people and on dubious grounds? It seems things are getting really ‘eggy’ on planet Earth and ‘No you are not imagining things’…

There are a few astrological culprits that I’ve seen quoted in this…. In Late March, Mercury retrograde was being blamed for the confusion and miscommunication of the situation. But Mercury is now direct again in May, and the anger and hurt is ongoing.

Uranus is also creating waves. He is on the move soon  into Taurus in May, signalling a worldwide gear change. His influence is already being felt, creating a feeling of deep-rooted insecurity in his explosive need for autonomy. More on Uranus, this week.

But the real energy that I think is being picked up on right now, is the energy of Chiron. And not just Chiron energy, but the blend of Chiron energy as experienced through the Aries lens. Let’s have a look at Chiron first, before understanding how it mixes with Aries.

Who is ‘The wounded healer’?

Now you can be forgiven if you’ve not heard of Chiron before, because he’s not classed as an actual planet. He’s classed as a minor planet and he’s also known as a comet, and he doesn’t have a straightforward orbit like our other planets in the Solar system. Chiron’s orbit moves in between the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus, which means that sometimes, Chiron might be in a zodiac sign for up to 8-9 years (when he’s in Pisces and Aries), and other times he’ll be in a zodiac sign for 1.5-2 years (when he’s in Virgo and Libra). Listen in here to hear me talk about Chiron or carry on reading 🙂

Chiron is known as ‘The Wounded Healer’, and represents the pain that hounds us, that we feel unable to address. Call it childhood pain, parent issues, a physical condition that gets you down…..it’s that part of us that we struggle to get free of. We’ve all got this ‘wounding’, somewhere in our lives, as represented within our birthcharts. For many of us, the wounds are obvious for everyone else to see, but we’re quite unconscious to it, hence our inability to face it head on and relieve it. Its a condition we feel victim to.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a gifted healer and a wise teacher. So Chiron in our natal charts also shows us where we have potential to heal and how our healing can take place.

As a celestial body that is sometimes orbiting around the outer planet Uranus, and then sometimes crossing the orbit of Saturn in the direction of the inner planets, Chiron is seen to bring the outer planet themes (deep unconscious transformation), into our midst through personal struggle, responsibility and structure (as represented by Saturn), and through sudden opportunities for growth (represented by Jupiter). This valuable learning is then actualised and lived through the expression of our inner planetary positions (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). I have recorded a short podcast here that explains the relationship between the outer and inner planets of the solar system.

Chiron in a nutshell

Chiron shows up as:-

  • A teacher, guru, new belief system
  • A physical healing challenge (often relieved by natural lifestyle change and self healing)
  • A mental healing challenge (often  based on childhood pain, relieved by accepting what is and by using radical forgiveness)

These often lead to:-

  • a sacred journey
  • passage/gateway/transit/portal to a new way of being
  • a healing relationship
  • more authentic work
  • more responsibility (possibly caring for another)
  • connection / a deeper sense of self
  • you become the teacher
  • you take responsibility for your own healing. Doctor heal thyself.

Much of Chiron’s impact is realised (or not), when Chiron connects to one of our natal planets in our birthchart. As this is a slow moving minor planet, there will be specific times in your life when Chironic themes are deeper, and other times when you appear delightfully free. Around your 50th/51st birthday, for example everyone experiences a Chiron return, where Chiron returns to the exact spot it was in at the time of your birth. This reawakens any healing opportunity in your life that you have not yet laid to rest.

Also, if your natal Chiron is strongly aspected within your natal chart, you will have a penchant for transforming and living through your childhood pain. Many caregivers, healers and doctors have strong Chiron themes in their birthchart. I have recorded two podcasts here detailing how you check your own Chiron in your birthchart:- Where’s your wounding part 1, Where’s your wounding part 2

So that’s Chiron energy. Doesn’t sound that perilous, though it does sound painful. Let’s add in the Aries element now.

Aries – fighting for the right to be me

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign, ruled by Mars (the Roman God of war). Ares was the name of the Greek God of war.  As the first sign, Aries carries with it a flair for the dramatic, for grabbing the attention, for shocking, for taking action. Aries is very much, act first, reflect later. Or in the case of social media ‘React first’.

Aries are natural leaders, because they are usually quite happy to move things forward. This forward moving energy is what is blending right now with the Chiron ‘wounds’. And so for people who have ‘wounds’ that they’ve not yet laid to rest, there’s material there for a blow up, for defensiveness, for a reaction when your wound is remembered.

For the last 8 years, Chiron has been in Pisces, creating a huge awakening for lots of creative, soulful Pisces types or people with key planets in the sign of Pisces. Whilst Chiron has been in Pisces, the collective wound has been mysterious. Like an iceberg, we had glimpses of what we think the wound is, but in reality the vast majority of the collective pain and damage on Earth has been obscured. In the same way that most of the Iceberg mass is out of view, is unseen. But now, that Chiron is in Aries, all of a sudden the problems and pain are acute, are tangible and are throbbing.

I’ve recorded a podcast here for you to listen in more to my thoughts on Chiron’s move into Aries and what that might mean to us collectively, individually and spiritually. I’m particularly interested in how this will also blend with the energies of Uranus moving into Taurus on 15th May 2018, less than a month after Chiron’s move – and I’ll record a video or podcast about the effect of Chiron AND Uranus changing signs together. Stay tuned.

Tides are turning

It’s safe to say, my preoccupation at the moment is in seeing in this next phase of humanity’s growth and I see the changes of the outer planets as being critical. From now until the end of 2020, we are destined for an intense roller coaster ride of reform, new technologies and deep changes in the way society works together. I’m hoping for a flatter more transparent hierarchy, and am really intending that humans break free from the conditioned slavery most of us have grown accustomed to.

We’ll see soon enough what is coming to pass, but for now should you want to explore Chiron within your own chart, please do have a look at these links or drop over to my patreon page. You might like my breakdown of how Chiron expresses himself through each sign and through the houses of your birthchart. I also explore what happens when Chiron transits through one of your houses. Trust me, when I say it is life transforming!

Learn more about Chiron

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