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You can’t unknow what you think you know

Full Moon in Sagittarius / May 29th 2018 / 15.29 GMT

Here’s the details I’m most interested in with today’s Full Moon and the overall energies of lunar magic-

  • Sun 8 degrees Gemini
  • Moon 8 degrees Sagittarius
  • Grand trine in fire between North node in Leo, Moon conjunct Karma in Sagittarius and Hermes in Aries (7-8 degrees)
  • A kite formation when you add the Sun into the above grand trine pattern
  • Grand Square involving the Sun and Moon. Both the Sun and Moon are square Orcus in Virgo and Nessus in Pisces.

Here’s how I see the energies setting the scene:-

The Sun and Moon in Opposition across Gem/Sag. There’s a natural tension going on for us between what we logically think and what we know/experience.  The Sun in Gemini, encourages us to quickly learn, absorb and connect within our communities. Its a very collaborative place for the Sun to be.

The Moon in Sagittarius is similarly collaborative, and here the Moon transforms what we’ve recently learnt into emotional experience and ‘knowing’. Sagittarius carries within it the message of expanded thought, spirituality, philosophy – so we have an opportunity to grow and feel tense between our logical persona and our intuitive, philosophical idealist leanings.

When we add in the energies of the kite, this ‘Moon knowing’ is expressed in very Karmic terms. It’s as if, something has been downloaded into our psyche – we finally ‘get something’, as if our understanding has just really become embedded within our mind/body systems. It almost feels automatic.

Hermes is to do with speed, insight and sharing knowledge. It is a cosmic delivery system. Hermes’s fortuitous trine to asteroid Karma, the Moon and the North Node, is really key to the information download. It shows humanity having an ‘Ah-ha’ moment of sorts. Maybe it jogs our collective memories…we are re-member-ing.

When we consider the harsh and exact square between the Sun, Moon, Orcus and Nessus, we add in resistance and fear. Nessus represents power dynamics, psychological abuse and betrayal. Orcus represents cold integrity, loneliness of beliefs, unbreakable determination.

You can’t unknow what you think you know

So I think what we have here is the pressure of what we do with new information when it drops into our consciousness. This chart is giving all of us the balls to stand firm in conviction, even though we might have to face those who may have betrayed us. There’s a cold strength to be gained by holding firm in our new perspective, even though there is discomfort.

What I also notice is that Saturn also connects the Kite pattern and the Grand Cross pattern. Saturn is square Hermes, and sextile Nessus. Saturn, our place of authority, structure and heirarchy, is stressed by this new knowledge, given how hard we worked to maintain good relationships even with people who may be no good for us.

At some level the cosmic game is up. Our collective psyches are on to what really lies at the edge of our conscious awareness.

Obviously, this energy is going to resonate more with some parts of the population more than others. For those of us who have already had those moments of discomfort in the realisation things that went contra to their programming, this won’t be a biggie. If anything, the information that you’ll be stumbling across in the next few days, will serve to deepen your understanding of your place in the world.

For those who prefer to put their fingers in their ear, and shout ‘la la la’ when anyone tells the something they don’t want to know, this could be a very frustrating time, where you feel quite bewildered and where your defences are well and truly down. You might feel compelled to take sides, as you fall in to a temporary polar mindset of opposites. This too shall pass.

For me the key of this Full Moon and it’s aspects, is to take everything as information. Take a leaf out of Orcus’s impassioned outlook, and just hear the words and not the emotions, expectations and guilt trips. I repeat, this too shall pass.

The other key, is to use this energy, to delve deeper into what you do want to know. Put out an intention, make a clear plea or meditate on what you would like to know, and just sit back and allow that knowledge to reach and change you.

PS if you have any important birth planets or angles around 7/9 degrees in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – this Full Moon will have more significance to you.