Watch “Learn Astrology Easily”

Whilst I still enjoy working with clients privately, I really want to share the astrology skill set far and wide. I’ve distilled the most important knowledge (from my 30 years experience) into this free 5 part mini series ‘Learn Astrology Easily’.

Most people when they study Astrology, begin by learning how to calculate the chart, and learn lots of theory. This 5 part series, is about interpretation. You won’t become an astrologer – but you’ll have the bare bones of terminology to be able to learn more about yourself. And you could go through the all 5 easy videos in the space of one hour!

This 5 part series will cover :-

  • How to draw up your birthchart
  • How to understand the components within the chart (houses, planets, angles and aspects)
  • How to know where your natal planets are and what aspects they have (ie: Moon square Sun, Moon in the second house, Moon in Sagittarius)
  • How to find current and future transits (ie: transiting Uranus in 10th house, transiting Uranus conjunct natal Sun)

With these skills in place, you’ll always be able to know in advance what’s coming up for you, and what your preferences are.

with your birthchart created, you’ll learn what your ascendant is all about…

And now, you’ll be able to see where your Moon is and which planets it is in relationship with (they are called aspects)

You can also learn about the energetic nature of your planets by element..

This is the most important one to watch if you want to see your current trends. With a list of transiting aspects in place, you’ll be able to look up the effects of a planet going through a part of your chart..

With these under your belt, you’ll now be ready to listen to my podcasts about the planets in the houses. Each podcast is a mini reading in itself. Click the link below to see the titles available.

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