The Astrology Sessions

Am about to start a series of intimate, relaxed and fun online discussions with groups of up to 12 people called ‘The Astrology Sessions’ – here’s a light-hearted chat on radio that I had with husband and radio personality, Carl Munson about the launch of the sessions.


For a full overview of them, please read below:-

Fancy learning about Astrology with your friends, colleagues or community, in the comfort of your own home or workplace, as a FREE gift from Feelgood Astrology?

Feelgood Astrology is all about having fun using Astrology in your everyday life and my new ‘Astrology Sessions’ are a great, free way to have some fun, and gain insight, learning as a group – in a single session – at a mutually convenient time.

Each ‘Astrology Session’ is an online, stand-alone, free, intimate, relaxed and upbeat online discussion with a group of up to 12 people. In every 60-90 minute Astrology-based discussion, you’ll explore a facet of Astrology using the dynamics of your group with many references and ideas from a range of other personal development disciplines.

So who know’s where this journey will end up for YOU and YOUR group?!

With decades of astrological and training & development experience, I can guarantee you a well-organised, gently powerful and potentially life-changing time – ideally suited to spirituality groups, hobby groups, sales groups, family and friendship groups, even hen parties!

If you’d like to get involved and have a group of up to 12 people, that you think might like to have some fun exploring astrology from a different perspective, please just drop me a line below.

What’s in it for me? All free versions of the sessions will be shared publicly as a teaching session for others interested in Astrology, so your session may well benefit others! This is very valuable publicity for me and furthermore, all group members may wish to book further personal readings (subject to 20% ‘mate’s rates’, of course!)

If you’d prefer to keep it a private session, that’s not shared publicly, I charge a small fee per participant, with a minimum total fee for the session. Every participant will receive a copy of the audio or video recording, depending on how we capture our discussion. Do let me know if the private session is your preference, and I can prepare you an estimate of costs.

My primary aim is to make a fulfilling livelihood sharing my knowledge and love of Astrology. If your interest is sincere, I’m certain we can find a way that works for all.