The best date for a gay wedding

The date gay weddings can take place in the UK has been brought forward to 29 March, 2014. In the wake of outright and ridiculous prejudice, many couples may feel the urge to pick that very date as the day for their ‘big day’, but could a knee-jerk, stick-it-to-the-man date selection leave some couples with the odds still stacked against them, astrologically?

Louisa sheds some light on how choosing a date based on the position of the planets may be a better bet than just proving a point in the eyes of the law…

March 29th as it turns out, is a pretty good day to tie the knot and ticks a lot of the ‘yes’ boxes.

Venus in Aquarius speaks of a unique and unrestricted love. Its good connection to Mars in Libra, shows a free flow of friendly and sexual energy between marriage partners. Venus is also in a progressive and beneficial position to the Sun and Uranus (conjunct) in Aries. What this means to people marrying on this day is that the marriage is unconventional, is new, exciting, independent and has its own beat. The flow of ideas, fun, creativity and affection is easy. You’ll have a strong marriage signature that is slightly rebellious, unusual and strong.

Privately though, with the Moon in dreamy Pisces alongside Mercury, Chiron and Neptune, you may find that there is healing, balancing and gentleness. This represents the tender sides of the marriage. A deep capacity to ‘get’ each other in a way that no one else can comprehend. It has the magic of karma. It does also carry a resonance with secrets and inner psychology. Getting married on this day could give you an impetus to ‘let go’ of your insecurities and past hurts.

With watery Jupiter and Saturn in a good reception to the Moon, there is another indication of the marriage being accepted structurally and by the community. This can bring a quality of supportedness.

If you are choosing this date, then timing is essential. Astrological research would suggest that after 13.45, it would be less lucky. If you could say ‘I do’ around 9.10am, the planets are placed in a way to emphasise wealth, love and a sizzling physical life. If you say ‘I do’ around 12.30, the planets are more poised for travel, change and transformation.

As with all dates, there are always contra-indications, and my advice to couples considering the best date to marry would be this. This day carries a strong responsibility to trail blaze, and as with all trend setters, there can be feelings of conflict from influences that are not up to speed and in the same loving frame of mind. In spite of the benefits of this day, there are some challenging aspects too. The main one in my mind is the tight square between Venus and Saturn. At its best it can give you great strength to dig your heels in and stand strong together. At its worst you may feel lonely together.

I’d recommend this day to couples who have a grounded sense of their own self esteem. No matter how secure you might be together, there will be additional obstacles. With the propensity to clear past pain, this date could lead to a lot of inner transformation. If you’re ready for an exciting ride, where you’ll evolve, change and challenge restrictions, then this could be the date for you. If you’d prefer a slightly smoother, easier ride, then it may be worth waiting a little longer. From the end of April – July and from October – November, there are many key times that could represent you and your dreams as a married couple.

To run through the best dates for you, feel free to connect via email or look out for the ‘Big Day Astrology Guide’, to be released soon.

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