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The 90 Minute Consultation

I’d like to start by thanking you for considering my astrological consultation service and hope you’ll like what I offer. I currently offer 90 minute consultation readings that include:-

  • A 15 minute Pre consultation call
  • A 15 minute Post consultation call
  • Complimentary ‘Understanding astrology e-book’
  • Your 90 Minute consultation recording on MP3
  • A set of JPEG images of the charts I refer to within your consultation
  • A 6 month bespoke diary of key dates to be aware of, tailored to your unique circumstances.

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As you can see, it’s pretty comprehensive and perfect for those of you who want to use astrology to take the next step in life. And maybe, if you have a moment, you’ll allow me to describe how I came up with this package?

My approach is constantly evolving, and during the last year, driven by your suggestions and feedback, I’ve re-designed how I work with you. As well as reviewed how I can best balance my astrological calling with being a mum to two, soon to be three children, under seven.

I’ve grown enormously in my capacity as an astrologer and the biggest realisation for me has been the transformation of my ‘readings’ into ‘consultations’.

For those that remember my style at the beginning, I was mostly called upon to give ‘first aid’ readings where people were already in the middle of a difficult transition. But over the passing years, these have naturally evolved into something more resourceful and future-focused. In effect, I’ve become an astrological coach and many clients now call me to check into up-coming trends.

Now, my primary focus is to support clients with their passions, ambitions and development from a pro-active and considered approach. I can see that planning personal evolution around the planetary trends has been really beneficial to clients who have used the extra intel to adjust and thrive.

When you see the bigger picture evolving for you, it’s much easier to welcome changes coming in, to modify your plans, and make preparations to work with the planets, not against them.

As an example, I received a message from someone last week who took on board my insight about the ‘cosmic timing’ for one of her projects around planning, publicity and launch. She said:

“Thought I’d let you know that you are amazing. Based on your reading, we have been working hard on a business plan which we submitted in August. We have just had approval today and will be opening a new gym in January. Your reading definitely empowered us to take our ideas forward.”

My new 90 minute Consultation Package (see below) is much more client focussed to put you back in charge of your life.

One change I’ve made is to conduct pre and post consultation calls with each of my package clients. It gives me the chance to really zero in on what you want to know about, and set clear parameters for me to work with.It also gives me the chance to answer any post consultation questions clients might have.

During this process, I listen carefully to pick up on the words you’re using (I’m trained in NLP and Hypnosis), and from these clues, I can add in extra asteroids into your charts. I like to think that these consultations are co-created between us, and that they manifest themselves magically!

Another significant change to my work, is that I now send you professional images of the charts that I work from AND a complimentary book that explains to you how your charts are read. This means that when you listen to your 90 minute consultation MP3, that you can follow along by cross-referencing with your charts. Of course, that is optional.

The most comprehensive new addition to the consultation with me, is the addition of useful diary dates. You’ll receive a personal report, alerting you to what activities you might want to prepare for, ahead of time. This report covers you for 6 months into the future.

This new package is all about demystifying the process and putting you, the client more in control. So I’d like to thank everyone so far that has helped me to define how I work. It has helped me to up my own game and stop playing small!

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