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Step by Step (How to find your marriage date)

There are so many things to consider when it comes to finding your perfect, or as near as ‘right’ date for your marriage. Many of the underlying reasons for choosing a particular date are quite complicated for someone who is new to astrology. As such, this Online tutorial / Step by step advise is being kept as uncomplicated as possible, though does require some knowledge of houses, angles, planets and aspects and how to use an ephemeris. For most people you can find what you need to know on http://www.astro.com

Before you start your astrological search, it is good to get clear on a few things:-

  • Find a time frame for your search (ie July-Sept 2020)
  • If you’re a sporty couple – be aware of upcoming sporting events. You’ll want to avoid these times, or build them in to your party.
  • Have an idea of the values and personality you’d like your marraige to have

With these clear in mind, it’s safe to get cracking. Without further ado, I give you your steps!

Finding a list of good marriage dates

Step 1 – Eliminate dates in your preferred time frame that have Mercury Retrograde

Step 2 – Eliminate dates in your preferred time frame that have Venus Retrograde

Step 3 – Eliminate dates/times in your preferred time frame that have the Moon Void of Course


Finding the most loving of the good marriage dates

Step 4 – Find the dates in your ‘good wedding date list’ when Venus is strong. These dates are even better (When Venus is in Pisces, Taurus or Libra or when Venus has mainly supportive aspects to other planets, consisting of conjunctions, sextiles and trines)

Step 5 – Find the dates in your ‘good wedding date list’ when the Moon is strong. These dates are even better  (When the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus. When the Moon has mainly supportive aspects to other planets, consisting of conjunctions, sextiles and trines)

Step 6 – Find the dates in your ‘good wedding date list’ when the Moon’s Last Aspect is favourable to you as a couple (When the Moon’s last aspect is supportive, in a trine or a sextile or when the last aspect involves Venus or Jupiter)


Finding the most supportive planetary alignments

Step 7 – Analyse the planetary alignments on your shortlisted dates. Which work better for you as a couple? (A date that has a configuration of squares and oppositions may be too challenging energetically for a long, loving marriage. A date with a grand trine could bring many opportunities for you. Most dates have a bit of everything in – choose the one which matches the best description of how you’d like your marriage to be. The sign the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars is in, will help describe it)


Finding the ideal timing of your wedding – Refining your Marriage theme

Step 8 – Play with the timing on your preferred dates, to find the overall ‘right’ theme for your marriage. This is not dissimilar to putting on make-up. You use make-up to accentuate your best features and to hide ones you’d like to downplay. By playing with the timing you can find a time when Saturn and Pluto are in helpful positions, or at least in ‘less devastating positions’. Obviously you can’t eliminate their influence, but you can make them more supportive to you.

You also want to find a time where the angles, (Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant, Midheaven), are well aspected. You might place supportive planets on or in aspect to these key points ie: Venus or Jupiter on the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, for example.

These are the houses and the planets you might want to keep an eye on:-

  • The 7th House of relationships / other people
  • The 2nd House of personal wealth / values in life
  • The 4th House of home and intimate behaviours / feeling of safety together
  • Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

It’s not always easy to sweep the things you don’t like under the carpet, because those energies all have to live somewhere. Also most people are fixed to marrying at sometime during 10.30- 3.30. Your job is to find the most preferable time, on the most preferable date to get married on. No date is perfect, but then no marriage is. Keep the ‘right date and right time’.


Understanding the soul journey of your marriage

Step 9 – If you are still undecided by two times or two dates, then read up about the love asteroids and their influence on your chosen marriage date. These will give you a ‘soul’ understanding, and could help you decide once and for all. There are many love asteroids to look at. (I would start with these:-

  • Juno, 3 – for themes of unconditional love, commitment and marriage
  • Chiron – not strictly about love, but represents how our marriage can process pain
  • Psyche, 16 – how we are transformed through devotion within this marriage
  • Eros, 433 – how turned on and attracted we are within our marriage
  • Amor, 1221 – how actively kind, caring and generous we are in our marriage


While these steps can take quite a while to get used to, the results are worth it. When I analysed the charts of over 100 celebrity marriages, I noticed that the easier marriage charts were reportedly easier, more loving and supportive to be in, stay in and also easier to leave. When couples with these kinds of marriage charts separated, it was amicable. I also noticed that in couples who separated with challenging birthcharts, their breakups were often reported as difficult, messy and acrimonious.

Of course, you might not have the time or knowledge to find your own date. And let’s face it, wedding days need a lot of organising don’t they? Drop me a line in the form below, if you’d like me to go through this process for you. I can find the right time and date for you and your intended. Congratulations to your impending wedding day,

Louisa xxx


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