Proof of pattern or coincidence?

“We are energetic beings and as such seem to gravitate towards that which gives us the learning that we’re energetically putting out for” Carl Munson

When people ask me to prove astrology, my first response is ‘is there a time in the year when lots of your friends are celebrating a birthday?, or a time when lots of important events occur?’ Last month was one of these times. I have an obvious penchant for Capricorn energy….

Wheels within wheels

Check wherever you need to, and I’m sure you’ll find there are a few key times every year when you’ll find birthdays / parties and big events happening in your life. More recently, I ask people to check their Facebook calendar, which is the most obvious place of late to check. For me, I have many friends born from the 14th-15th January. I also have many friends born 2nd-4th May. These 2 dates also correspond to many life changing experiences. For example, let’s take my husband. I first ‘met’ his acquaintance on the 15th January. I later married him on the 4th May.

So how does this prove astrological connections? Well it doesn’t completely. How can our sciences actually prove something as infinitely vast as preference based on the position of our planets at birth? The study would have to be VAST to either prove or disprove. But don’t let that impossibility put you off investigating for yourself. It could have some big implications for you. There’s no need to prove theories for everyone. All that really matters is whether it appears true for you. And of course if it does, then the next step is how to use it to your advantage.

When an astrologer looks at your birth chart, it becomes quickly obvious where the most sensitive energies are. It also becomes obvious where the friendship and love types come from. A gifted astrologer can also understand some of your psychological patterns that would likely influence the kind of connections that you might want to indulge in.

Taking my preference and my chart. Venus the planet of love and connections is in Capricorn. My 7th house (the part of the chart that represents relationships), is in Taurus. So here’s a big indication as to why I attract these types into my life.

Going further still, I can pinpoint the dates involved too. In reference to the 14th/15th January – this corresponds to an astrological position of 23-25 degrees Capricorn. In my birthchart I have 7 sensitive points between these 2 degrees. (7 midpoints involving the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and the North node).

When I look at the point represented by the date 2nd-4th May, I can see that it corresponds to 11-14 degrees Taurus. My descendant (sensitive point relating to relationships) is 12 degree Taurus. So once again, this key dates matches a sensitive part in my chart.

To put this into context. When you look at an astrological chart, its influence’s are spread out over 360 degrees. To consistently attract people and events that are born (occur) at particular times is uncanny. If there were no patterns within the heavens, these occurrences and connections with people/events would appear to spread throughout the whole 360 degrees wouldn’t they?

Of course once you know your key times for relationships / special life changing events, you can then begin to plan your years around them. For instance, why not plan a big event or series of events to coincide with these special times?

Over the years as your strategies and experience change you, you may find that newer dates emerge, that offer you the opportunities for growth that better suit the new you. In recent times, my key times seem to be around 14-16 Cancer and Libra. That has recently brought up the most terrifying and also awe inspiring opportunities for growth and learning, as I married into a family where each of the key family members is born under a Cardinal sign with these degrees (people who know astrology and understand the current patterns, may well GULP!). Recently these energies have been activated by a Cardinal grand cross / T Square (Double GULP).

Suffice to say that when you look into your own chart, you’ll no doubt notice them within your family, social and work fields of experience. We are energetic beings and as such seem to gravitate towards that which gives us the learning that we’re energetically putting out for.

My advice is to spend some time reflecting on these ideas and notice what times stand out? And of course, if you’ve any patterns emerging that you’d like to run through in a consultation, drop me a line.


  1. I dated 4 men who were born in the same week (7th Jan – 14th Jan 1970)
  2. My husband has married two Sagittarians with Moon in Pisces (on 19th December, and one 20th December, born in different years)
  3. I have had 3 best friends with 2nd May as their birthday
  4. Jane has two best friends, both Aries with Moon in Pisces
  5. Denise a Pisces with her sun at 9 degrees, has two daughters born with Moon at 9-13 degrees Pisces and a grandson born with Pisces Ascendant 12 degrees
  6. Mother, Father and Son have their either their Sun, Moon or Ascendant at 3 degrees Scorpio
  7. A friend keeps choosing to go on dates when the Moon is in Libra and when the moon is void.
  8. Carl’s son is born within the same 24 hours as his dad dies
  9. Christine has two grandchildren born on the same day on different continents
  10. Chris has two sons born of different women within the same week (the natal Suns of his Sons straddle the position of his own Moon in Pisces.
  11. Chris (from above) has two Pisces sons born of Scorpio Women.

Contact me to let me know about your recurring patterns and to become part of this ongoing research into dates.

If you have any questions about your own ‘cosmic coding’, I do bespoke 90 minutes sessions tailored to what you need to know. You’ll receive an MP3 of your session as a handy reference. Simply complete the form below to book your session.



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