Pluto in Capricorn and individual evolution

‘In a chart it (Pluto) shows where changes are happening, a sacrifice is called for, or a descent into darkness’ Ma Gyan

For anyone who has experienced a transit of Pluto over a personal planet or sensitive spot on your chart, you can no doubt already relate to this quote. In my personal experience of Pluto going over my Uranus, Ascendant, Mars, Neptune, North Node, Mercury, Sun and now Venus – it seems I’m now very comfortable with the essence of change, transformation and growth. But it wasn’t always easy. Did I struggle? You bet. Did I have many different episodes in my life, before it began to coalesce into something consistent? Of course.

And no doubt, like yours, my first real encounters with Pluto caused me to dig my heels in deeper. To become resolute, to stick with what I already knew to be true. That was my first, and most forgivable mistake. We’re raised to conform from birth. We’re given all the answers we’re told we’ll ever need, so when Pluto first comes calling, and you first begin to question your authority, be ready for a crisis in confidence.

Pluto forces us to drop fear, guilt and shame. When we choose not to come clean or live our truth, he simply gives us more fear, more guilt and more shame. He keeps dishing it out until the weight of it all becomes too heavy to bear. He shows us our burdens and offers us the chance to redeem them – but it all comes at a price. Naked truth. So what about Pluto in Capricorn and our Individual Evolution?

Individual evolution and revolution

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is very much to do with how you cope on an individual level. It looks at how you respond to authority, resource and structural stability. Where Pluto transits within your birthchart currently, he’ll be challenging you to be more resourceful, deeply authentic and vulnerable about who you are.

Call from the wild or little nudge back to truth?

For some people right now, Pluto is catalysing some major regeneration and release. The people most affected by Pluto currently are people who are born in the first week of January, April, July and October. (for exact dates see Karmic Astrology Patterns – Pluto in Capricorn). For these people, Pluto would have made himself very present in their lives over the last few years. You’ve felt the build up and it is now your time to release all that no longer serves you. It is made all the more epic right now as not only are you having a Pluto rebirth, but you’ve got Uranus and Jupiter igniting and blowing up your fears, guilts and shames. For these people, there’s an ongoing release of the blame game. Because of the other planetary participants, your transformation is very visible too. It’s hard to deny or hide. There’s no where to go but to release.

For those people born in the first week of March, May, September and November – the energies are much smoother, and you seem to be supported in transforming yourself. You can transmute the challenge and surf the waves with much greater style.

If you have any strong point, planet or aspect around 11-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra), you have some unfinished business to attend to. You are going through some major transformations and within a couple of years, when you review where you were in 2014, you’ll be surprised at where it has all taken you.

For those of you who don’t fit in any of these categories, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn will create easier and slowly evolving energies in that area represented by Capricorn in your birthchart. Your changes won’t be make it to your top 10 most life changing moments, but by 2023, you’ll definitely have a hero’s journey narrative to do with your slow but steady growth. Don’t worry – you’ll have a Pluto revolution sometime soon in one shape or another!

How does Pluto show up?

I don’t know how you’ll first experience Pluto calling you. I clearly heard a whisper from my higher self. A whisper, or seed of doubt about how I was living my life and who I was sharing it with. I chose to ignore the whisper.  If I had have acknowledged it, it would have meant opening myself up to being vulnerable. I would have had to share how I was feeling and ask questions of someone, with whom I may not have enjoyed the answers from.  So, like most people I appeared to ignore it. But Pluto’s call is difficult to ignore.

I swallowed it. I drank it. I distracted it. I confused it. I used all the tricks in the book to suppress my whisper from coming out. And during that time I got very sick.

But your Pluto wake up call might not be a whisper. It might be a chance encounter that reminds you have far you have strayed from your purpose. It might be a crippling illness, a broken relationship, the death of loved one – there are many different straws to break your back with. Pluto challenges us in the most profound and shocking way. So my advice to you, would be to listen carefully, and see where in your life you are not looking after yourself. With Pluto in Capricorn you’re being challenged to become more resourceful, more responsible and to parent yourself. Pluto in this position stops at nothing beyond complete transformation of your standing in life.

Which house is Pluto hiding in?

Pluto in Capricorn Individual Evolution

It is interesting to notice which house Pluto is in, and which area of life Capricorn represents for you. In understanding this, it gives you a heads up into the types of transformations, deaths and rebirths you are going through. For some people, this might be:-

In your first house

Who are you? No who are you really? How have you hidden yourself and not followed your truth? Whose expectations have you been living up to? Ditch these!When transformed, YOU FEEL FREE

In your second house

How have you undervalued yourself / your contributions? How have you been hiding from being able to finance your life? Are you ready to be self sufficient yet? Can you stand on your own two feet? Can you sell yourself? When transformed, YOU FEEL ABUNDANT

In your third house

How have you not shared or communicated your truth? How can you live authentically in your neighbourhood / in your family environment? When transformed,  YOU CONNECT, SHARE AND RADIATE

In your fourth house

Where has your heredity held you back? Have you unresolved business with your parents? How can you release your childhood and become ‘at home’ wherever you are? When transformed, YOU FEEL NOURISHED

In your fifth house

How has pleasure transformed your life? Are you following your passions? How has following your bliss created space for drastic transformation? How can you make good on your relationships with your offspring? When transformed, YOU FEEL FERTILE,  AND BELIEVE IN POSSIBILITY

In the sixth house

How have your obligations held you in place? How has honouring your expectations affected your health? Can you cope with challenge and rebirth in your day to day living? When transformed, YOU FEEL UNSTOPPABLE

In the seventh house

Where have your relationships left you feeling shameful? What guilt do you carry from not honouring your commitment to yourself? How do your relationships need to evolve to stay relevant for you? Are they still necessary for you?  When transformed YOU FEEL LOVED AND IN LOVE

In the eighth house

Where does your need for transformation stir you? How free are you to start again? To move? To grow? Have you faced death? How do you feel about your mortality? When transformed, YOU FEEL TRULY ALIVE

In the ninth house

Where have you not listened to your higher calling? How does your life stop you from living consistently with your higher ideals? How will you let go of expectations to enable you to serve your good? When transformed, YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO YOUR HIGHEST GOOD

In the tenth house

Where have you ignored your calling for achievement? Have you let childhood expectations hide you from success? How will you know when you successful? Will you ever be satisfied with your efforts? When transformed, YOU FEEL APPRECIATED

In the eleventh house

Where has your style of connecting created difficulties with projects, people and cooperatives? Why have your attempts to connect left you feeling isolated? How can you contribute without merging too far into the collective? When transformed, YOU FEEL BELONGING

In the twelfth house

How is it that you are in a state of undoing? Why do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Where do you not trust your instincts, memories and behaviours? When transformed,YOU FEEL AT PEACE

I now find it freeing to question EVERYTHING. It seems the more I learn, the more I can undo and re-learn. It is more appropriate than ever to intuit, trust and gravitate towards that which makes me happy, and to walk away from that which causes stress. That is how I live my life and work through Pluto. I’ve seen this expression transform others too.

When I unpack the reasons why most people choose to stay in stressful states, It is usually through fear, guilt and shame. Drop these, get honest and face your truth. The freedom you gain from letting go of these expectations is incredible. I highly recommend the following two people in resolving to let go of your hidden shames, but of course, should you want to talk it through, feel free to book a consultation and get Pluto off your chest!

  1. Brene Brown – Brene is a researcher into Vulnerability and author of ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’. Her TED talks, which look at personal authenticity, are inspiring and have a strong feel good factor.
  2. Brad Blanton  – Brad is the author of Radical Honesty and thinks nothing of hitting rock bottom in the search for being truthful. In being completely honest, we accept and share our shame, guilt, anger and resentments. Once out in the open, Brad has found that they no longer control you and you’re freed up to live more in the way of your choosing.

Viva your evolution!


If you have any questions about your own ‘cosmic coding’, I do bespoke 90 minutes sessions tailored to what you need to know. I charge a flat rate fee of $75 (£60). You’ll receive an MP3 of your session as a handy reference. Simply complete the form below to book your session.



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