I love how easy Patreon have made it to share material and to create a passive income. Although it’s early days, I’m hoping to have a thriving community of Patrons who want to learn how to make their lives easier using astrology. Because that’s the point of ‘Feel Good Astrology’ – being able to use it to improve and enhance your experience.

Patreon also makes it easy to stay in touch with your community. I want to be able to have real time conversations with you and know that what I provide, is working for you.

My Patreon Page has over 40 short podcasts and videos giving mini readings on what you need to know. So once you’ve created your chart, you’ll be able to look up the podcast for your Chiron house, or the house Uranus is transiting and listen in to my interpretation. Just have a look. Some of these podcasts are free to everyone. Most of them are created just for my Patrons, who have pledgded to support me $3.33 a month or more.

Louisa’s Patreon Page

Every month I add at least another 12 podcasts, as I study another planet for you. So far I have looked at Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and Uranus (the Great Awakener). I started with those because they have both just changed signs within the last couple of months, so their energies are up for discussion.

Louisa’s Patreon Resources

I try to keep my podcasts relevant to what’s going on in the world as you learn more about astrology. I also am very happy to work from recommendations. If enough of you want to know something, I’ll record you an answer.

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Each month I also add on some free goodies for people who have yet to decide to sponsor me….to be fair, I can’t really stop myself. I just like to produce helpful material! I created a free 5 part series in the last month to help teach the very basics of astrological reference.

Watch free 5 part series ‘Learn Astrology Easily’