Love your body better extended version

Your thoughts can reprogramme the way your cells work with each other, loving thoughts can move you towards better health . This recording will help you to drop your unhelpful stories about your body and create new empowering ones to bring about healing. An example might be that you have injured a part of our body and you refer to it thereafter as ‘my weak knee’.

The effects of this recording are cumulative and can bring about a much better feeling place for your body to thrive in. At the end of this session you will be encouraged to awaken naturally in your own time. If you prefer to be ‘counted up to waking state’, look out for the title ‘Love your body better’

More titles coming soon, including astrological psychology. Should you enjoy listening to my work, feel free to suggest new topics, and please do let me know how this works for you.

Be well, feel free xx