Thank you for stopping by.  Isn’t the web a fabulous medium for sharing life changing and nurturing treats? It’s an exciting time that there are so many rich and abundant resources freely available to everyone, so am very happy to be here (or hear!)

I’m a bit quirky, and home-spun at times. I like to share my thoughts on life, love, passion and explore why we’re here. To me, there can be no greater question than understanding how to live with integrity, in peace, joyfully connected to others and enjoying life’s rich lessons. I hope this comes out in my work. It’s no doubt why I began studying astrology, re-programming the mind and meditation in my 20s.

I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t want to ‘know about themselves’ or learn ways to find their own resources easily and effortlessly. That’s why I often combine life-affirming suggestions into all my recordings. Using both astrology and hypnotherapy, I can either ‘help you by reading you’ (astrology), or ‘help you by listening to you’ (hypnotherapy).

My mission is to make astrology and coaching accessible, practical and fun for everyone. Whether you want a shot of astrological advice within consultation or to learn astrological tricks to surf the planetary waves,  I hope there’s things here to help you find nourishment and clarity.

As you might expect with my ‘questing’ nature, I have lived abroad a few times, and trained in many healing modalities. Before becoming a mother in 2011, I had a long and interesting career consulting bluechips on self development and performance. I was happy to let that go, and after my first child was born I decided to work from home with real people wanting meaningful goals.

I now find myself working from home, whilst touring Portugal with my generous and funny husband, insanely brilliant six year old son, bonkers two year old daughter and have one on the way.  And this all feels really good.

Whether you choose to listen to me for astrological insight, healing or refreshment, my end goal is that you feel great and notice improved clarity. Why not have a listen and see how I work for you?  If and when you are ready for a session simply send me a message in the form below.  Looking forward to connecting in the near future.

With much love,

Louisa x




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