The Astrology Show

The Barefoot Broadcast’s weekly astrology show. Join me (Louisa) and Carl as we discuss one asteroid a week, showing how you can harness the power of asteroids in your own lives. With 3 free listener readings per week, and analysis of the rich and famous.

Learn how you can harness your talents, luck and wealth. Learn what turns you on and why, or why you only fall in love with certain types of people. What blocks the flow of your abundance? How to boost your immunity and feel more confident. All these and more as we cover a different topic each week. See below for upcoming episodes.

Tune in every Sunday at 11pm UK local time (currently 10pm UTC) or see below for other time zones.

AEST+10 / Monday 8am
AWST+8 / Monday 6am
CET+1 / Sunday 11pm
EST-5 / Sunday 6pm
CST-6 / Sunday 5pm
MST-7 / Sunday 4pm
PST-8 / Sunday 3pm

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