Andrew Robles

Love Astrology

One thing I noticed about when I began dating my husband, is that until we had a solid commitment, each interaction along the way occurred on a ‘helpful’ date and time from an astrological perspective. I had never particularly analysed how the dates I’d chosen before had helped or hindered my dating experiences. Of course, Mr M’s birthchart and mine work very nicely together too, so I was definitely at an advantage.

Over the last few years I have had a look at some of the times my serial daters friends have chosen and noticed patterns that can be tapped into. One friend had an unconscious habit of choosing to go on dates when the moon was in an air sign and often when the moon was ‘void of course’ (an article about that later). I don’t know how she managed to pick these times again and again, but there followed a slew of friendly meetings that went nowhere. Not the kind of energy she was hoping for.

I had a serial habit of dating Capricorns. Not just any Capricorns, but ones born  between the 7th-15th January. Weird huh? My husband has married two Sagittarian women with Moon in Pisces (Me, born on the 20th Dec, and his first wife born on the 19th Dec). We all have our patterns.

This page is dedicated to all of our crazy love related patterns, to understanding them and making them work for us. This is an exploration of Love and astrology. It has links to all the pertinent bits that you might find useful in understanding your own love style, your own relationship and in understanding where that might lead.

Of course if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s to love!

Louisa xxxx