A bum deal from the stars?

When my son’s welly covers a friend in dog poo, I had to see if it was written in the stars…I wasn’t sure if you could see it – to be fair I’ve never looked, and can’t imagine there are many astrologers out there who are that bothered, but seeing that my friend simply went to cuddle my son at the wrong time, I feel a bit responsible.

So I thought I’d have some fun and look a dog poo annoyances from an astrological perspective. First things first, I wasn’t sure where to start. I mean, there’s not a ‘starsign’ responsible for canine excrement (that I’m aware of), neither is there a planet attributed to it that I’m instantly aware of. So this is what I did. I looked at my friend Robyn’s chart, and compared it to the chart of that exact moment in time.

And here’s what I found. At the exact time that Robyn and my son hugged, today’s planets and sensitive points connected exactly to Robyn’s. (A full astrological write up below for those that understand it)

My husband was joking about the planets and that Pluto (the dog), must have had something coming out of Uranus. The odd thing is, is that both these planets actually exactly connected today between the two charts! How ironic.

Anyway. To answer the initial question ‘Can you see the ‘Cr*p’ days in the stars?’, my answer would be this – YES – you definitely can, but for the event that happened today, all the planets did was just trigger an event. There are several triggers to everyone’s chart every single day. So although you can see ‘event’s happening retroactively, there’s nothing that I can see that could have helped you predict getting covered in dog poo.

That said, it is possible to look ahead of time at your lucky phases and your unlucky phases. Things like your potentials for good health, romance, success and happiness can definitely be observed. As well as your times when things are more challenging. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

If like me (and possibly now my friend Robyn), you’d like to be kept aware of your positive growth phases, and times to watch out for, then speak to me about looking at a yearly energy planner.

At the exact time that Robyn got covered in dog poo, this is what occurred. To my utter surprise, Robyn had 8  EXACT aspects between her chart and that of the moment. I have never seen so many exact connections like this. This is obviously an important time in Robyn’s life where her life is evolving. (As illustrated by Pluto conjunct Uranus, Saturn square North Nodes…)

Here’s what I see as pertinent to the ‘event’

The transiting Jupiter was conjunct the ‘real time’ ascendant, and both were conjunct Robyn’s Mercury in her fourth house, in Cancer

The ‘real time’ descendant was conjunct Robyn’s North Node.

Transiting Pluto (also conjunct the real time descendant), was conjunct Robyn’s Uranus in Capricorn

These were the most interesting connections which I think helped this to be expressed. Jupiter (the playful joker) was rising and had some fun with Robyn through her Mercury. (Mercury representing children, fun, instant communications. Mercury is also a bit of a trickster) – So Robyn saw my son, and gave him a cuddle and got more than she bargained for as a cosmic joke was set.

If you take Robyn as represented by the Ascendant and the incident/boy/dog poo as represented by ‘other’ ie: descendant, you can now see that Pluto (who dredges up the dirt), can connect with Uranus (planet of surprises) to create a nasty little surprise. Just a simple little illustration of the cosmic coding and how weirdly accurate it can be. Thank goodness that we don’t really have the time to analyse every little trigger because we’d be here all day and forget to live! Hope that was useful and not too ‘sh*tty! ;o)

If you have any questions about your own ‘cosmic coding’, I do bespoke 90 minutes sessions tailored to what you need to know. I charge a flat rate fee of $75 (£60). You’ll receive an MP3 of your session as a handy reference. Simply complete the form below to book your session.


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