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Leo, feel good…

Leo (July 23-August 22)

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Week commencing 4th December 2017

Lucky Leo! Romantic feelings are showering you for most of this month, but this week feels like the beginning of this delightful love upturn. Suddenly things are looking brighter and you want to engage in life in a new way. Whilst there’s still lots to organise with your home right now, your openness to try new things will bring a sense of resolution. All that’s required, is for you to be in the best feeling place and to follow where that takes you

Week commencing 27th November 2017

Listen up LEO: Of all the people to have fun and enjoy themselves, it’s you. However, this week sees you remaining way too serious about a troubling situation and you’re losing some of the magic that usually brings you great luck. It’s important to stay magical, Leo. Your energy levels will soar when you cut yourself some slack, lighten up, and go out to play. The good news is that when you do this, you’ll find a more enjoyable solution to a situation that was getting you down.

Week commencing 20th November 2017

Lovely Leo. You’ve been investing back in your home life recently and are feeling very comfortable there. You may have also noticed more ways to monetise those hobbies that bring you so much joy. It might not be enough to retire on, but a greater awareness of your skills could afford you a more sumptuous lifestyle? It’s a bold and wise move to develop those things that bring you joy and get them working for you. It also means you have greater control over the way you live. In time, you might be able to earn your living from what you love. Small decisive steps for you my friend.

Week commencing 13th November 2017

Leo! It’s an exciting week ahead for love, where you can bring the excitement home, or move your home somewhere exciting. The key words here are ‘exotic’, ‘erotic’, ‘unusual’, ‘foreign’ and ‘expanded’, so let your love life flourish with some new elements thrown into the mix – perhaps a holiday romance or a stranger with a glad eye for you – who knows? Get yourself out there or add some spice to the everyday!

Week commencing 6th November 2017

Leo, it’s a great week for taking greater care of yourself and your home. Creating a sense of love and generosity is perhaps the biggest gift you can give yourself given recent transformations. There’s no need to change yourself, it’s time to realise that you really are good enough as you are. Put your feet up, be with people who accept you. You’ll soon be bouncy and optimistic for new ideas for the new year

Horoscope week commencing 29th October 2017

Leo, communication is where it’s at for you right now, as people in your everyday world are connecting you to surprising opportunities and taking you outside your normal routine. This is where you are able to influence your cash flow. Whilst you might want to work from home, (and it feels good there right now), life is asking you to stay free to roam. An independent spirit could transform the way you work and how you make your living.