Karmic astrology patterns



I use astrology often as an illustration of archetypes. I love how astrology can reflect to us the exact learning we might need at a particular time in our lives. I find the archetypes, the psychology and the positions of the outer planets speak to me on a collective level, a universal truth that I find inescapably appealing. I’m talking about Karmic Astrology Patterns and how they show up in our lives.

I like the story of astrology and comparing it to my ‘listening’ for what’s going on in the lives of those around me. Moreover, I love how the planets talk to me about philosophy, religion and spirituality. Right now, they are describing to me a picture of evolution, of change, of external and internal revolution. They rattle on to me about the release of karmic situations and of course our ability to let go, forgive and wander into the future naked, vulnerable and free.


Yes, I admit to finding my own belief system within the stars, and here’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing a collective sweeping, a collective release, a collective growth and most importantly a choice. A choice! a choice….a choice….(I imagine an echo effect here!)

So I’m going to approach this article as an ongoing piece exploring the effects of the slower moving planets on our spiritual zeitgeist. The idea is to give you an astrological heads up to the ongoing karmic arrangement that I see playing out. Most notably a dance involving some very tense planetary participants in a passionate rhythm with sophisticated footwork. It is also an intuitive summing up and I’m hoping it bridges what’s going on astrologically with what some other thought leaders are sharing.

In each of these pieces I’ll be exploring both the ‘lightest’ and ‘darkest’ manifestations of the planetary energy. Moreover, I’ll be naming it and showing you where it resides in our current society, collective culture, family traditions, individually and spiritually. By ‘light’ and ‘dark’, I’m talking about consciousness versus unconsciousness (not to mention the cognitive dissonance / mental shutdowns that many people are also experiencing right now)

So I’m hoping you’ll stick around for the ride and that you’ll contribute your thoughts and experiences as we travel along this idea. As I said at the start, I’m just reporting what I’m already seeing and intuiting (but this is from my own bias) – so please do get involved and share your thoughts into these exciting times.

With much love,

Louisa x

PS – This is version 2 – I ‘somehow’ (though not sure how,) deleted the original post after publishing. This was made from memory and my back-up notes. Mercury Retrograde!


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