How to look for asteroids in your birthchart

There are a couple of ways that I use to check for the position of asteroids in your birthcharts. Here I’ll mention my favourite two.


For a comprehensive look at the position of asteroids

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Astrological Ephemeris
  3. Fill in the online form with your preferences and click Go will bring up a list of the positions of asteroids, classical planets and other useful references for any time, date and place of birth. You will be swimming in information for sure. This is a wonderful free service, though needs some preparation to use, as you’ll need to know the universal time of birth and also the longitude and latitude of birth.

To look up a few asteroid positions at a time

  1. Go to and Login. If you haven’t already set up a guest profile click here for instructions
  2. Select Free Horoscopes from the menu and then Extended Chart Selection
  3. Under the heading Birth Data, ensure that you have the right name selected from the Horoscope for: drop down menu
  4. Scroll down to the Additional Objects menu and select as many as you would like to see in your chart ie: Juno, Vesta or Orcus
  5. To add in asteroids, scroll down to the box underneath Additional Objects. In this box you’ll be able to type the asteroid number or code for up to 6 asteroids. You need to put a comma with no space in between numbers (for example: 16,33154,H56,10)
  6. Click Click here to show the chart

In my opinion, this option is preferable as it is difficult to look at a chart with more than 6 asteroids, additional centaurs and classical planets. You will however need to know the number associated with each asteroid that you want to find. Whilst you can do this within, I personally find it easier to use a search engine and type a question such as ‘What is the number used in astrology for asteroid Osiris?’


As you look at asteroids in your birthchart, you might find that there are some asteroids in prominent places within your chart. Take a note of these as they will be of special importance to you and give you cosmic clues much more related to who you really are. Another interesting thing to note, is where the ‘transiting’ asteroids are in your chart when you first research them. I often find that my interest in researching an asteroid in my chart coincides with the asteroid going over my angles (ascendant,IC,DC,MC) or making a hard aspect to one of my personal planets (Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)

Please do let me know what you learn about yourself in the comments field below, or if you have any questions, let’s see how I can help you.

Louisa x


If you have any questions about your own ‘cosmic coding’, I do bespoke 90 minutes sessions tailored to what you need to know. I charge a flat rate fee of $75 (£60). You’ll receive an MP3 of your session as a handy reference. Simply complete the form below to book your session.


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