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Aries, feel good…

Aries (March 21-April 19)

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Week commencing 4th December 2017

Aries … last week’s extreme reactions may have left you exhausted and embarrassed, so this could be a time of putting right old emotions and making good with loved ones. It feels transformational to let go of old hurts, shame and anger, and it can put you in a really tolerant and adventurous mood for the weekend. Your social life is about to expand in a delightful way, stand by!

Week commencing 27th November 2017

You’ve been thinking differently about money recently, and this week sees you using your finances to enrich your quality of life. You’re in a money expansion phase and for you that means learning more about your purpose, your place in the world and how that might influence your earnings. This flight of fancy is all well and good, yet at the end of the week you might be asked to explain why you do the things you do. Try not to be defensive!

Week commencing 20th November 2017

It’s a heads up Aries, as relationships feel explosive right now. Not sure if it’s you or your partner, but there’s the feeling that you haven’t been listened to, and your needs are not understood. Result being you’re both quite out of sorts. It’s clear though, that your relationship is due for some transformation and where you’re both happy to grow, your union will go from strength to strength. Recent revelations were a wake up call to bring you closer. Expect improvements as the week goes on…

Week commencing 13th November 2017

Right Aries, burning the candle at both ends is nothing new for you, but a recent decision to upgrade your skills is stretching you beyond your comfort zone. Schedule some play time with a free-spirited friend to energise you. It’s important right now to work off that nervous energy, and difficult to achieve with your head in a book. Stay active to feel in top condition and to draw in fresh, exciting opportunities

Week commencing 6th November 2017

Aries, this could be quite a lucky time for joint investments, asking for money and being ‘gifted’ stuff. Whilst you shouldn’t really need too much help right now, this isn’t a time to go it alone. It’s a time to profit from strong investments and relationships. There’s as much as you can handle out there, so hook up with trusted friends and prepare to be delighted, especially after Wednesday

Week commencing 29th October 2017

Aries, feelings are heating up this week, as love secrets begin to transform your reality. Is it a crush that’s got you hooked? Or has someone’s mysterious magnetism overloaded your senses? Whatever the case, your head and heart this week are working together, now – more than ever. In particular on Friday when there’s no turning back!