Does astrology work? A client tests me.

Taken from a messenger conversation this morning…

D – “Hi…. Erm something extremely scary just happened! I don’t suppose my chart has anything strange going on on October 30th does it? Then I’ll tell you why lol xx”

Challenge on. Here’s my reply…

Me – “Nothing exactly springs up on that day. However in your progressed chart, Venus changes signs and goes into Taurus in the 6th house of day to day/work. And in your lunar return, Venus is conjunct the midheaven representing luck. Could be the start of a ‘love’ related project/phase. Venus also represents money coming in – so what you do could be related to a lucky new work phase. with Venus on the midheaven, there could be the opportunity to promote yourself easily and effortlessly as of someone will do it for you. You going on telly or something?

D – “There’s this huge wedding related conference thing that I’ve been asked to speak at!!! To me that’s scary!! X”

Me – “Haha. I wasn’t far off with telly and the chance to promote yourself on a love related project. You’ll be great D!”

OK – so not quite a telly appearance, but BOOM! I think I did pretty well, don’t you? And that’s just one possibility for astrology.

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