Matthieu Joannon

90 Minute Reading

Louisa’s Most Popular Astrological Reading

By far my most popular service, think of this 90-minute reading is in fact a consultation. It is as a luxurious 3-course dinner with prosecco! This approach delivers serious astrological nutrition with love and light-heartedness. It costs £99 (approximately $130) and will give you clarity and insight, or your money back!

During the 90-minute consultation, there are many additional things that can be explored, beyond what can be covered in a 45 minute reading:-

  • Compatability with a partner or family member
  • A 3 year trend analysis
  • The karmic flow of situations in your life
  • Astrological coaching in releasing difficult situations

As this length of reading is so popular and useful in understanding planetary future opportunities, this is the reading that I usually offer as prizes in giveaways.


“The two times in my life that Louisa has read my chart and also a partners chart in comparison to mine I have come away profoundly enlightened! She helped me see myself and my place in the world which even now 2 years later has a guiding continual empowering effect. Louisa is an amazing astrologer and one of the most empathic persons to have a reading from..Highly recommended!!” Emily Veise Smith