45 Minute Reading

Need depth, but haven’t got all day?!

My 45-minute reading is like the ‘light lunch’ of astro-menu. Like a quick catch-up with a trusted friend, we can cut to the heart of important matters, within a busy lifestyle. This service costs £59

In a 45 minute time frame we can explore one topic at a good level of depth. Most clients use this time to understand a situation that they want greater clartiy with. But you could always use this session for understanding one of the following:-

  • Your luck and how you can activate luck in all areas of your life
  • You upcoming career/money trends and how to plan your career development to maximise planetary growth phases
  • Your upcoming emotional and relationship phases and how to plan your life around these potentials
  • The best time and places to relocate your home and life to
  • Your specific year ahead with an understanding of when the best times for expansion are and when you are better to sit still