Jason Briscoe

10 Minute Reading

“Louisa left me enlightened and transfixed having found a better path to travel due to the accuracy of her findings within her astrology reading. Highly recommended during good & low times or as Louisa says a ” quick fix.” I often listen back to reinforce and heal” – Dan Hoare, October 2017

Like a timely espresso shot, this reading is designed to give you some very quick clarity on a particular situation.  You might have just be wondering why life feels the way it does, or be wondering when things will be changing. There’s a lot of information that can come out in just a ten minute reading.  At £19, I think it’s a winner to get you back on track and feeling ‘in the know’ about the current influences.

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“Many thanks to Louisa … puts things into perspective and is very enlightening XXXXX” – Mark Bradbury, October 2017