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Choosing the right reading for you… Let’s make this easy! Just like people, my feel-good astrology sessions come in a range of shapes and sizes, to help you get what you need, when you need it. My readings are currently recorded remotely and clients recieve an MP3 recording. I usually ask clients for a ‘steer’ about what they want to know, and what questions they’d like answering. I can do consultation readings in person via Skype on demand, however these may take longer to arrange.

Need quick insight?

Not unlike a timely espresso shot, my 10-minute reading will give you a ‘shot in the arm’ or ‘pick-me-up’ and costs just £19

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“I admit to being previously sceptical with astrology but this felt right and was great value and done with care and style, thanks.” – Ernie Bryden, September 2017

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Need depth, but haven’t got all day?!

My 45-minute reading is like the ‘light lunch’ of astro-menu. Like a quick catch-up with a trusted friend, we can cut to the heart of important matters, within a busy lifestyle. This service costs £59

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“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Louisa for a good few years. She has a huge heart which guides her uncanny intuitive understanding of a person’s astrology chart. Her readings include the smaller but no less powerful asteroids which have a significant place alongside the major planets. Listening to Louisa tease out the nuances is a joy (and extremely accurate!)” – Jackie Roberts, August 2017

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Louisa’s Most Popular Astrological Reading

By far my most popular service, think of this 90-minute consultation as a luxurious 3-course dinner with prosecco! This approach delivers serious astrological nutrition with love and light-heartedness. It costs £99 and will give you clarity and insight, or your money back!

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“Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgable, combined with her intuitive capacity, makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience” – Gillian Alexander, September 2017

“The two times in my life that Louisa has read my chart and also a partners chart in comparison to mine I have come away profoundly enlightened! She helped me see myself and my place in the world which even now 2 years later has a guiding continual empowering effect. Louisa is an amazing astrologer and one of the most empathic persons to have a reading from..Highly recommended!!” – Emily Veise Smith, August 2017

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All readings are based on the date, time and place of birth provided by you and guided by specific questions or issues you have. They are usually recorded over Skype – one-to-one or in your absence – to an audio MP3 and emailed to you. Consultations are ALWAYS carried out by me and never ghost-written by man or machine. Transcripts can be arranged at additional cost.

Working with Louisa to explore at greater depth

The ‘champagne reception’ of consultations. Bespoke sessions to ‘dig deep’ around conception and marriage dates, organisational inception charts, specialist astrological consultation and specific life coaching. From £199 per half-day consultation.

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“The intuitive way that Louisa works with Astrology is very accurate, she picked up on elements that I didn’t even include in my query. I can’t recommend Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology enough, the reading is well worth it and has really helped me on the personal and professional levels. Thank you so much” – Jay Cassells, September 2017

“I would highly recommend Louisa’s excellent astrological knowledge, outstanding emotional intelligence and beautifully sensitive communication skills”. – Wiebke Flach, September 2017