Dawid Sobolewski

Cancer, feel good…

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

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Week commencing 4th December 2017

Bless you Cancer, last weekend’s full moon may have turned your world upside down as hidden unconscious motives rose up. Now, as the dust has settled, it’s time to take action at home. Simple, practical actions bring you a sense of accomplishment, and it’s much more relaxing when your refuge is a safe and ordered haven. Your natural inspiration can also bring you a wider perspective, creative focus and great diplomacy. A corner has been turned

Week commencing 27th November 2017

Crikey CANCER, your strong focus on the day-to-day and working week has left you forgetting about the bigger picture, and your desire to build stronger relationships and alliances. You’re lucky right now because planetary energies are linking you with helpful people with similar mindsets. The lesson here is to take your foot off the gas, look up and smile at the people around you. Help is always available for you when you need it. Look for feminine energy for support with your career goals and be open to some exciting opportunities.

Week commencing 20th November 2017

Hello Cancer. You’ve heard about work/life balance but how about your work/love balance? Blurred lines around such issues are leaving you confused. Maybe you and your loved one could work on a joint project or a mutual skill set, but your love life could improve if you get more professional and organised. This might be less romantic than you’re used to, but your levels of trust and appreciation for each other could increase exponentially, reaping far greater rewards. Single Cancerians need look no further than networking opportunities – collaboration is where its at!

Week commencing 13th November 2017

Hey Cancer, it’s hard to be bursting with energy when you don’t get enough privacy, and it feels like every man and his dog wants a piece of you this week. Without the freedom to think, you may find yourself retreating to a safe hiding place. Saturday’s new moon is the perfect time for you to retreat into your creativity, inspiration, and family. Good feelings of love and gentle healing can come from those who know you. Pressing issues will just have to wait.

Week commencing 6th November 2017

Cancer, you are full of creativity and have lots of ideas that could bring you in some extra cash. Recent ideas are stronger than ever and if acted upon now could increase your wealth very quickly – in particular, ideas that lead to greater equality. Although loved ones may not seem that impressed, by your global compassion, your ideas could just change the world

Horoscope week commencing 29th October 2017

Cancer, you might need privacy in your love life as your partner seems temperamental and difficult to please. You have a clear choice to either nurse your hurt feelings or try and cheer them up. Under your tender care, intimacy could be quite mesmerising, and coax an irritable lover back into your arms. There are opportunities for closeness on Friday, when you can talk through what’s on your mind