Kim Carpenter

By Jove! Your Jupiter report awaits you…

Jupiter in our chart represents how we create oportunities for growth, and how hopeful we are to suceed. In this report I analyse your relationship to Jupiter,  Pluto (for transformation) and some asteroids to give you a luck and growth ‘make-over’ and get you working in tune with your natural cosmic coding.

The report costs £39 for a 30 minute MP3 recording. Within this report, you’ll receive:-

  • The low down on how luck and growth are triggered in your chart and how you can harness this energy to use over the next two years
  • Where your life is about to be transformed and how you can make it look easy
  • A list of key times when you are in a growth and transformation pattern and how to arrange your resources to use these effectively.
  • This report will also include interpretations of asteroids Tyche (Luck), Fortuna (Fortune), Ops (Optimism) and Abundantia (Abundance)

Alternatively you might prefer to invest in a full 90 minute astrological reading for £99. If you choose to invest in both, you’ll qualify for an extra free 15 minute Karmic destiny report!

To help you choose to invest in a reading with me, here’s what some of my recent clients have said about my work.  For more reviews please visit my facebook page, Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology.

“Louisa has gifts that take astrology to another level. I received a mini Solar Eclipse reading and a FULL remote reading. The readings were accurate (sooooooo acurate, like she knew me), with an element of healing, and many favourable dates coming up for me to work with. I admit to being previously sceptical with astrology in general but this felt right and was great value for the price and done with care and style, thanks” – Ernie

“The work ethic and honour Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology has towards her clients is a rare find. The intuitive way that Louisa works with Astrology is very accurate, she picked up on elements that I didn’t even include in my query. I can’t recommend Louisa Tanner Munson Astrology enough, the reading is well worth it and has really helped me on the personal and professional levels. Thank you so much” – Jay

“The two times in my life that Louisa has read my chart and also a partner’s chart in comparison to mine I have come away profoundly enlightened! She helped me see myself and my place in the world which even now 2 years later has a guiding continual empowering effect. Louisa is an amazing astrologer and one of the most empathic persons to have a reading from..Highly recommended!!” – Emily

“I have known Louisa for a few years now. I first came across her when she offered a free reading on her radio show, years ago before she knew me, which I took her up on, everything she said about me was spot on. Since then, as I got to know her, I learned that she has a great understanding of astrology and can pinpoint in great detail the situations and events that will occur in one’s life. She has since given me another reading that was very thorough and quite shockingly spot on, it surprised me that anyone could know so much from just a birthdate, time and town. She hasn’t failed to surprise since then and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for a reading” – Fran