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Buy a reading – archived

It is very simple to buy a reading with me. All you need to do is send me a message and I’ll get you booked in at the first available opportunity. The tricky part is thinking through how you want it to take place. These are your choices:-

Option 1 – Live, person to person of 90mins, with an MP3 recording emailed to you as a reference (I currently live in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK)
Option 2 – Live reading via Skype of 90mins, with an MP3 recording emailed to you as a reference
Option 3 – Remote reading of 90mins, with an MP3 recording emailed to you as a reference

The benefits and challenges of Options 1 and 2 (Live readings)
I am able to answer all your questions in real time, and give greater clarification to some points if you want me to delve in deeper. The disadvantages of this method is that we can be easily pulled off tangent, especially if you’re curious about your life! Sometimes I can draw conclusions from the things you say, so my reading to you might be influenced by this. It is more difficult to book a time when we’re both available, so if you prefer a live reading, then it may take slightly longer to arrange a reading time.

The benefits and challenges of Option 3 (remote readings)
I tell you exactly what I see and am not influenced by things that you might say during the reading. To do a remote reading, I ask you to send me a list of questions that you really want answers for and as much information around the situation you find yourself in. I then usually answer all the questions posed to me. One of the benefits is that you can receive your reading sooner than in a live setting, because I can start it at the next available time slot for me, without you also needing to be free.

When you are ready for a session simply send me a message in the form below. The price I charge is £99 ($130).  Each session typically lasts 90 minutes. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Louisa x