Why I’d love your support!

I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mum of 2 (with number 3 on the way), so it’s important for me to work from home. We have a relaxed lifestyle (currently in Portugal) and like to visit different European cities with our children as part of an enriching and eye-opening childhood. I can’t live in this way if I have to have a regular job, with regular hours in a permanent office.

My husband Carl and I work from a portable office and recording studio. I like to work for a couple of hours a day, every day of the week. Sometimes I do more, sometimes less. A lot depends on Carl’s work and whereabouts, and also the good will of our children!

Your support allows us to experience a kind of freedom, that many consider to be a luxury. Personally, I see this more as a necessity, as the common 9-5, Monday-Friday has left me very sick on several occasions. So for me, living in this way is about feeling good (hence the name of my website!)

I also have to admit that I love the idea of working for the people. It makes more sense to me that I can spread the message of astrology far and wide. I can cast my net so much further with Patreon’s technology. It seems to level the playing field for those that might not be ready to invest in a reading, yet want to know how to get one.

I have NEVER invested in an astrological reading for myself. When I first became interested, I didn’t have the resources to buy one, so I began learning in earnest. Now of course I can do my own. And now you can to!

The benefits of supporting me!

In return for your support of $3.33, you’ll receive:-

  1. Access to at least 12 new podcasts every month about a facet of astrology. At the moment, I’m looking at a planet each month. When I run out of planets, I will move to asteroids and begin covering more ways you can use your own birthchart to create change, allow healing and surf the planetary waves!
  2. All patrons (supporters of $3.33 or more) receive a 20% discount on a 90 minute reading. To book your consultation click here.  Read my testimonials if it helps you decide!
  3. Access to an exclusive, monthly hour of Astrological Surgery, where I answer and illustrate your more complicated questions, via the medium of radio/podcast/video. In the absence of questions, I’ll work from the most current themes that I’ve noticed coming up within my day to day work.
  4. A flow of communication between us. Am happy to help you understand the planetary energies. Post a message in my community space on Patreon, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Probably much sooner than that in reality! https://www.patreon.com/Louisatannermunson/community


Additional benefits

I have also set myself some income targets with extra goodies attached.

*$222 a month

When I reach $222 a month, I’ll do an exclusive monthly 2 hour radio show (with husband and presenter, Carl Munson), doing mini readings for 8 lucky listeners.

*$333 a month

When I reach $333 per month, I’ll gift 3 lucky patrons with a free ‘ride the waves’ reading.  The reading will identify the planetary waves coming into your life, so you can prepare to ‘ride them’!

*333 patrons a month

When I am supported by 333 patrons a month, I’ll gift one lucky patron with a complimentary 90 minute consultation. Each month, I’ll randomly pick a different patron.

Yes, I’d like to become a Patron!

*you may have noticed that I like power numbers. (recurring numbers). I took this tip from my good friend, author and speaker, Tom Evans. Whilst the practical side of us would charge more money, or round up the figures to make even numbers (ie set the minimum donation to $5 instead of $3.33), Tom believes that the vibration of the number, is just as important as the actual physical amount.

So I have taken a leaf out of Tom’s book (or in his case, his mini library of published works), and opted to goal set using power numbers to also benefit from the vibrational energy of the numbers AS WELL AS the hard physical cash amount.

As crazy as this seems, astrology is based on calculations and numbers. The beneficial trine and sextile aspects are based on vibrations of 3 and 6. There are 12 signs across 360 degrees and so on and so forth. So to me, at least this all makes sense!