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The Resolution Revolution 2019

“The calendar makes a great slave but a terrible master” Carl Munson.

As ever, Mr M has nailed it. We have been brought up to create our life in accordance to our calendar – but energetically is New Year’s Day the best day to make our resolutions? Read on if you’d like to use your diary to your BEST advantage in 2019 and find the best dates for the kinds of resolutions you’re planning to commit to.

Finding the right time to create and start your resolutions in 2019 is crucial, because New Year’s Eve (NYE), has some challenging aspects to it.

All the dates I’m proposing as good starting dates, fall in January 2019. Obviously there are always better dates to make a fresh start, and some might fall in March, April and May, but I’ve restricted it to January, so that we’re still honouring the tradition of new starts happening at the start of the year.

At the times or days I’m suggesting, all you need do is focus your attention in whichever way suits you best to ‘set free into the world’ your brightest and most passionate intentions for yourself.

In this article I’ve included a date for each of these different kinds of intention (arranged in date order):-

  • Overcoming grief/letting go of shame
  • Increasing our wealth and career opportunities
  • Rebuilding our bodies/diets/fitness
  • Babies/ fertility/children
  • Finding love / improving relationships

For resolutions to let go / release grief, shame and hurt

This is a tricky one. I’ve recently heard from many people for whom 2018 has been catastrophic. In fact, I’ve not really spoken to anyone this year who hasn’t really struggled at some point with grief, shame and hurt. And we’ve had a tough year astrologically with all these retrogrades and there have been many sad endings.

If your resolution involves overcoming grief / hurt / pain – you might want to choose the 2nd January 2019 at 01.30am.

Release Grief

This is a potent time to reconfigure your past and will ensure a good clearing out of hurt and pain.

  • It is not an easy energy, with the Moon in Scorpio, but at this time the Moon is in a flowing trine to Chiron in Pisces creating a link in to our most primal wounding, insecurities and grief. It can bring up the negative emotions for deep processing.  The Moon is also trine Mars who has literally just moved into the sign of Aries, making it a very active clearing of emotions. Mars being very tightly conjunct Chiron is opening and digging into our wounds. I wanted to wait until Mars was in the next sign to afford a little breather. But it is a potent moment.
  • What makes this moment in time great for healing the wounds is the added gentleness of the Moon’s conjunction with Venus and Ceres. The Moon (emotions) is flanked by Venus (love and generosity) and Ceres (nurturing) in Scorpio (deep cleansing and powerful transformation).
  • The Sun is exact Saturn, pertaining to grief, disappointment and feeling low. I created the chart to coincide with these being in the 3rd house of talking. There’s support available if you want or need it.
  • The North Node (NN) conjunct the Midheaven (MC) assures us that we will be able to come to understand the reasons for our grief and letting go.
  • With Pallas (seeing patterns, wisdom) on the ascendant and Uranus on the Descendant, people involved in this situation will all be shaken, which is great if you want to break a pattern of thinking


For resolutions to boost your career, increase your prosperity and to power up your profile

If your NYR involves career advancement and a need to raise your status dramatically, then I can think of no better time than that of the Partial Solar Eclipse on the 6th January 2019 at 01.41am. Read on to learn why.

Career Power

  • The Solar Eclipse is essentially super strong ‘new start’ energy in the form of an almost perfect alignment of New Moon. The Moon comes in between the Sun and Earth, leaving us in shadow. Metaphysically, this creates a moment where anything can be pulled out of the magician’s hat of nothingness. A time of free creation.
  • This also means that both Sun and Moon are in the sign of business-like Capricorn and that the energy of this magical moment is poised to influence matters of business, advancement, increase, status and finance.
  • At the time that the eclipse is at its strongest, the ascendant is in diplomatic and charming Libra, making the ruling planet of this chart, Venus (a beneficial planet to do with accumulating wealth). Venus is also in the 2nd house of money and personal resources at this moment of time.  I’d give that a thumbs up!
  • But let’s not rest on our laurels at this point. It is also worth noting that Venus is accompanied by the other beneficial planet for increasing wealth, in the 2nd house of wealth, Jupiter. And both are linked up to the Midheaven (the point of manifesting our career and status desires)
  • The 6th house of work is ruled by Mars and Mars is strong in its own sign of Aries. Mars is also trine the Midheaven AND trine both Venus and Jupiter. This is a highly beneficial time.
  • The Sun and Moon conjunction are falling into the 3rd house of communication and learning, giving us room to learn much more about ourselves as we grow in stature. They are also in between the two power planets of Saturn (determination and hard work) and Pluto (power and transformation)

This is an awesome time to create a career based moon magic. or to set free your resolution.

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For resolutions to strengthen the body, doing something physical and/or starting a diet

If your NYR involves rebuilding the body and transforming yourself from the inside out, then the 13th January 2019 at 10.40am is a potent time, and not to be missed.

Rebuilding the body

What I like about this chart, is the challenging energy that is available to tap into, because anyone who is transforming themselves needs that feeling of a kick up the bum, right?

  • The Aries ascendant is conjunct Mars (it’s ruler and planet of action and determination). The Moon is also conjunct these points, connecting our emotions and desires into the raw energy available. Mars and the Moon are also in the first house of ‘me, myself and I’ and our appearance, giving impetus to focus on ourselves.
  • The Sun is in Capricorn (the sign of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and achievement). The Sun is also conjunct Pluto (planet of transformation), in the 10th house of achievement. That fits in nicely doesn’t it?
  • The two beneficial planets (Venus and Jupiter) are trine the Ascendant, Mars and the Moon, giving this time a sense of hope and goodwill. Meaning that even when we find ourselves tired, worn out and ready to give up, we can always find extra resources. Venus (also known as the planet of beauty) is in the 8th house of transformation (transforming the way we look).
  • I really also like the cool conjunction between Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. It gives us mental self discipline to keep going.  This is a powerful moment in time to piggy back our powerful intentions from.





For resolutions about baby making, understanding our babies, being great parents

If becoming a parent or improving your parenting is your desire, then you might want to consider the 21st January 2019 at 00.01am

Baby Making

  • Moon in Cancer (mothering) conjunct the Karmic North Node (NN), brings a feeling of family destiny to your consciousness. The fact that these two are also conjunct the Midheaven (MC), means that you are honouring and invoking your deepest life goals.
  • Venus is almost exactly conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, emphasizing patience, goodwill, gratitude and healing.
  • The Moon is also almost full. It is at it’s almost fullest waxing stage (it’s a pregnant moon, it’s about the culmination of the seeds that have been sown)
  • Although the Sun is in a barren sign (Aquarius), it is conjunct the IC/fourth house of home, showing that energies are moving back into the home and homemaking. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius is about growth, generosity, luck and wellbeing, which I think offsets this.
  • The Grand water trine is the icing on the cake – Ceres (earth mother), in a supportive flow to Chiron (healing of insecurities/childhood issues), in a supportive flow with the Moon in Cancer (Moon/the mother in the sign of motherhood) conjunct the north node (karma) conjunct the Midheaven/MC – the place of our greatest achievements! This is a wonderful moment to make an intention about birthing.


For resolutions to attract love and strengthen love

If finding love or improving love is on your NY agenda then consider a resolution on the 25th January at 16.10 UTC.

Finding Love

  • With a passionate Leo ascendant with the North Node (NN) conjunct the ascendant, there’s a feeling of a lucky new start. This timing places the Sun (ruler of the Leo ascendant) in the 7th house of love and partnerships.
  • It also places Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th house of romance and flirtation. Moon in Libra (love, romance, partnership) is conjunct the part of the home (the cusp of the 4th house), bringing love right to your metaphysical doorstep.
  • Jupiter conjunct Venus in the house of romance is particularly lucky, as the planets of love and growth imply.
  • The Moon is also in a trine to the Sun bringing a delightful feeling of freedom, friendship and balance between the ego and psyche. This is a lovely time to create love magic!



However you’re thinking or feeling about the New Year ahead, or are feeling about summing up the previous year, please know that we are all in this crazy world together.

We all need help from time to time, and there are also times when we are that help.

If you’d like help finding a special time to initiate a change or consider my new astrological coaching programme in 2019, please drop me an email at Louisa@feelgoodastrology.com

Much love to you all,

Louisa x






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