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How astrology is like a cosmic fruit machine

“Waiting for this baby to be born is like watching the barrels of a fruit machine slow down in their cosmic roll……

Every day that passes, I get to know more about what characteristics my child won’t have, through process of elimination.

…..I get to see that my new baby, won’t have this Moon now, or Moon aspect to a planet, because that chance has passed. Some of the passing has come with relief, some with a feeling of ‘Oh that’s a shame’

Most of the planetary barrels have now been set……apart from the Moon barrel and the angles barrel…….and these are the two barrels that can really change and stir things up.

Some of the planetary ones are getting nudged forward a little or backwards….but much of his birthchart is now setting.

And like a gambler, I’m watching closely, as I’m brought closer to the overall planetary design of his coding”


The Feel Good Astrology Podcast on Spotify

Published by

Louisa Tanner Munson

My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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