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North Node in Cancer – ‘There’s no place like home’

North Node into Cancer – 7th November 2018 – 5th May 2020

Mid November is an interesting time. Let’s not mince words – It’s like being in a whirlwind of swirling energies moving in different directions. 

The lead up to the North Node moving into Cancer is set off by Uranus reversing out of Taurus and into Aries on the 6th November.  Uranus clearly has unfinished business in the sign of Aries, and is taking one last stab at reminding people to stand up for their rights before the re-evalutation of resources truly kicks in (represented by Uranus moving back into Taurus again on the 6th March 2019).

And then, we have the North Node returning home to roost in Cancer for the next 18 months around the 7th. And as we’ve been on the precipice of this event, we’ve had many spoiler alerts to the kind of conflicting energy that is about to be looked at – #MeToo, the gender gap, Brexit (home or away). It would appear that we are bang on target for a head versus heart lesson, up close and personal.

And finally, then it’s Jupiter’s turn moving into Sagittarius on the 8th November. A much needed tonic to most, who have found his expansive inquiry of Scorpio issues quite disturbing.  The last 13 months of his time in Scorpio has coincided with the awakening of ‘laid to rest’ emotions coming up for re-evaluation. DISTURBING! This has not been pleasant, though has been necessary.

Is it any wonder we’re not quite sure what’s what in the world right now? Confused? I am. Read on to learn what this means for us all…

So what effect does the North Node have?

The North Node, our cosmic and karmic compass point, shows the direction that humanity ‘feels moved’ to gravitate towards. It shows where our greatest gifts for survival are.

The North Node works in tandem with the South Node, both representing different directions on our Karmic path. The South Node represents Karma that we are moving away from and energies that are no longer necessary for us. It shows what we’ve already invested in, what we’ve got good at, where we are unconcious. It also represents the error in staying there.

I like to see the Nodes as a roadmap. They’re like compass points that we can align ourselves to. Marking out the route ahead. Where the Nodes make connections to our natal planets or to the current positions of the planets, then there’s more information about the Karma for us to be aware of.

The North Node, reminds us that if we move out of our South Node and towards our North Node, that we’re in a better place for our survival. Where we ignore these directions, we might find ourselves having to repeat over and over the lessons of the Node in a futile, relentless groundhog day. Are you ready to leave groundhog behind yet? Yes?! Then time to listen up, because this sign switch is a biggy – more so than usual, because of the planets that the North Node will link in with.

The Feel GOod Astrology Podcast on Spotify

What does the North Node in Cancer/ South Node in Capricorn mean to us?

First, let us consider what we’re moving away from – Patriarchy, imposed structure, force, authority, governments, control. The South Node in Capricorn shows us that we’ve already spent too long honouring the head, the dollar, the status of where someone is ‘at’ in life. It is teaching us that this is NOT THE TIME for business or busy-ness. It has taken us as far as we can go, and from here on in, it is time for a new energy to take precedence.

The cynic in me knows that those caught in the power games are not ready to reliquish power, probably nor will they ever be. Did you also think that?

So if we’re moving away from BIG BROTHER, where are we heading exactly? Fair question, because for many of us, we’ve all but forgotten that we live in communities, in our flesh and bone bodies and have a connection with the world. The North Node is bringing us back into the home/heart. Back to our hearts, where care and healing take precendence over rulership, calculating, people slavery. Doesn’t sound as exciting as the cut and thrust of the world we’ve become accustomed to….but for many of us, it’s what our souls have been whispering about for a long time….reminding us….the great feminine energies need to wash over us.

Of course, you might prefer to listen in to my podcast here as I give you an off the cuff, loose and baggy commentary of how I think it all fits together….

Listen in to my podcast about The North Node in Cancer on Spotify

Now despite the language I’ve used to describe the North/South divide, I need to state upfront that this really isn’t supposed to be a polar fight between yin and yang. And when I mention patriarchy versus matriarchy – this doesn’t mean men versus women. There are a great many women expressing their power in the patriarchal way, and a great many men yielding to a more matriarchal society. The thing with the North and South node, is that they come together. We need both directions to see where we can reside.

We’re on a karmic spectrum, and all that is required is that we pull our heads out of our arses, and become more heart focussed. Its up to us to notice and observe and feel the differences as we reconnect with ourselves, our homes, our families, our communities and our lands – and put our smart phones down for a sec.

If you’re born with the North Node in Cancer

If Cancer North Node is your birthright, then this next 18 months should help you to re-establish your values and feel more in balance. It’s like you’ve got a head start to re-formulate and re-order your life in a positive way.

The most important thing to remember is to just ‘let things go’. With the South Node in Capricorn, you have an amazing in built understanding of order and ability to work and understand why order is necessary. If you’ve spent your whole life embracing order and status, this is the reminder you need to get lose and free with yourself and throw off the shackles.

The South Node in Capricorn can and has taken us to some unspeakable places in the fight to retain supremecy.  Adolf Hitler, Robespierre, Vladimir Lenin, Kim Jong Un all have their North Node in Cancer, showing a strong preference for their South Node activity in their Capricorn South Node. Margaret Thatcher was born just days before the South Node went into Capricorn and her strong pull for order was terrifying to many.

Unchecked Capricorn energy can be tyrannical, destructive, dictatorial, speaking of an ‘order’ that must be adhered to with very little empathy for the collective, however it is always sold as a collective solution.

What worries me the most about the North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

During the time that North Node is going through Cancer, the South Node is going through Capricorn and is due to connect with two of the most Patriarchal planets of the solar system – Pluto and Saturn.  The Nodes will also be interacting with Uranus (the Great Awakener) and Chiron (The Wounded Healer).

So the nodes will be connecting to 4 great powerhouses of transformation within this 18 month period. This will not be a smooth ride by any means.

I’ve been worried about this influence for a long, long time. I imagine most astrologers have. The most potent time of this connection is between late Feb 2019 – late July 2019.

Uranus and Chiron

Uranus is a double agent in the mix. Uranus is on the one hand demanding that we re-evaluate our resources (which sounds great in theory), however the last time Uranus was in Taurus, the re-valueing coincided with the times of great depression, and rationing. The way Finances are managed is sure to go through an overhaul.

And Chiron in Aries serves no one in an obvious way except to highlight that where we don’t take control of our own healing we will get sicker and sicker and become less aligned to resolving our karmic loads.

I do worry about the survival of people who chose not to come together during this time, or for whom flexibility is not an option. South Node in Capricorn (conjunct pluto and Saturn), relies on blind compliance and a cold distracted serving of orders. It is not heart led. Those that ignore their hearts, and that choose to blindly follow their master are likely to come undone under the stress this places on their internal morality within their mind/body system.

The North Nodes will be loosely square Chiron towards the end of 2019, and it wont be until early 2020 that this comes into full effect.

But this is a time when our family and our community MUST be honoured and Chiron is much more likely to create dynamic healing opportunites for those people brave enough to follow love, and embrace emotional truth than those who succumb to pride, rage, control and spiritual apathy.

Pluto and Saturn

Pluto is the great destroyer and transforming agent of the solar system. Pluto is also god of the underworld. Pluto has a natural affinity with the sign Scorpio. His influence is total, demolishing what stands in his path. In astrology, where Pluto moves over sensitive parts of our birthcharts, we usually see a collapse of our expectations, and a painful rebuild built on new values. Pluto is particularly cold and demanding in the sign of Capricorn. The natural tyrant in him is able to run wild and free as he ‘takes’ control in a power grab.

Saturn is the great father of the Solar system. That sounds reassuring, though I guess you need to understand how different fathers can be. Saturn in Capricorn, is a father who isn’t challenged. He is the authoritarian, the ‘speak when spoken to’ kind of dad. Saturn and the sign of Capricorn are the natural rulers of our governments, financial systems, insurance, and have a hand in the spread of the medical, pharmaceutical and military industrial complex (which I see more of as a Scorpio type rulership, but the Capricorn energy helps embed and regulate it).

Together both Saturn and Pluto (and the activities that they rule jointly above), control pretty much every form of legislation, rule, control mechanism and process that Human beings believe to be standard and that they mostly submit to for the ‘greater good’.

Both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been in cohoots for quite some time and from early spring 2019 as they come into conjunction finally, you can expect some strong power play themes to take over on the world stage. Am I worried that Brexit is planned to be finalised during this time? You betcha! I guarantee you that there will emerge several more ‘key decisions’ on how the world is organised and regulated during this time. Eagle eyed observers will already see it building.

And yes – this is occuring at the exact same time as the South Node in Capricorn connects with them and is opposing the North Node.

Expect tensions to arise, fear mongering and financial fluctuations as this also takes place around the degrees on 19 capricorn…..this degree is noted to being difficult for the US Dollar in trading/market terms.

As much as I don’t like to be prescriptive, if ever there was a time for a financial collapse, March – July 2019 look probable (with the North Node in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, as Uranus goes back into Taurus).

The Full Moon in Scorpio 2014

So what this means to us is…..

The power bases, that Humanity has been conditioned to understand and honour for so long, is something that we are gravitating away from, because it has brought us as far as it can, and is now acting against our evolution.

This is where our past need for patriarchs or perceived need for patriarchs becomes a reality.  Question is – how soon before we rebel properly and kick them out? Or are we able to find an uneasy balance? Do we need authority to govern us? These are huge questions that most are not prepared to consider. Our addiction to systems has created a fear of living outside of said systems. We have to believe in them for our own sanity!

Saturn in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto AND conjunct the South Node is power trying to hold onto itself.  Power trying to assert itself….but it can’t forever, without playing confidence tricks.

As we are learning to become our own source of power, the assumed regulatory bodies controlling us will continue to assert themselves and use whatever it can to stop us :-

  • Medical guilt tripping / taking authority away from the individual
  • The fear of penalisation for questionning (harming the whistleblower)
  • Laws/Wars that perpetuate cruelty, but maximise profit

Be very wary of not fitting in with the status quo. If you don’t, you’ll need something up your sleeve, beyond vast amounts of self love, community and loving roots around you. Find the love, get your emotional security right and connect. Really connect and help each other out. This is not a time to win and be victorious. The only true victory can come from embracing all living beings as sovereign. Only then will the power trip of the South Node slip away


As the sign of Cancer rules stories and narratives about our ancestry, you might expect that the media are already controlling the narrative around this time of our evolution. Wouldn’t it be nice if they report on events in a fair-handed way? Its unlikely, as they are paid and sponsored by those who currently retain power. Paid by Saturn and Pluto.

The chances are during the North Node’s time in Cancer, that media will be pushing stories to emphasis the confusion that arises when the power base is doubted, questionned and challenged. I therefore fully expect that the narratives that we’ll be sold over the next 18 months will be about our ‘safety through accepting authority’.

The media will be pushing the idea that ‘lone wolfism’ and connecting at a local, community level for us to solve our own challenges will somehow lead to lawlessness, disorder, calamity and harm to the collective. This is all to prevent us from realising our own ability to be powerful and connected. But what I’d like you all to bear in mind, is the question ‘is this really true?’, and to explore that, it’s important that we understand the greater context of the historical North Nodes and the future positions too.

Where the North Node has most recently been

When you look at the messages inherent in the previous North Nodes and the future ones, you get a real clear path as to where we are collectively heading. Of course, not everyone has been awake enough to move towards the North Node, and take a step out of the South Node, but as more and more people do just that, the Karmic course correction begins. Over time the snowball effect creates social momentum.

The North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces – November 2015 – May 2017

During these 18 months, we were karmically moving away from irresponsibility, hedonism, confusion, delerium, delusion and depression (Pisces)- and becoming aware to the cost of this nebulousness in our lives and society.

The North Node in Virgo, began to move us towards clean living, organic living, growing our own, being of service and getting real to the cost of confusion. Virgo energy can be hypercritical, yet it is the need for understanding cost and specificity that has begun to awaken people to the folly of their drunken, overly relaxed ways. It was also a message to wake up to mass media campaigns, fake news, false political promises and so forth.

The North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius – May 2017 – November 2018

During this last 18 months, we have been moving away from the computerisation of life, the anonymity of it all (Aquarius) and beginning to remember that we are individual, creative and need to collectively create something that works on a more personal level (Leo).

We have noticed that our services and resources have become less and less perosnalised to who we really are and what we actually need to survive. In us becoming more and more of a number, people have awoken to the idea that we all have individual needs and that resting in ‘blanket rules’ guiding all of humanity will not cut it.

This karmic learning has lined us up for where we are now, preparing to move out of the capitalist mindset, and closer towards local, familial and community heart led mindsets.

Where will the North Node be moving to after it’s time in Cancer?

The North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius – May 2020 – January 2022

Following on from the North Node in Cancer, the North Node will take us into the realm of community and multi-skilling. It is important that collectively we’ve used the North Node in Cancer energy correctly and learnt to build trust with each other, and our families.

We are going to need to trust each other, to be able to learn from each other. Gemini, ruled by Mercury is about learning, information, formative education and ‘jack of all trades’ energy. With the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius, we will arrive at a time when we’ll be called to de-skill, de-specialise and to gather more basic skills as part of a community skills portfolio of sorts.

Trouble is, we’ve all spent much of our careers, learning about the importance to specialise, and the ego has enjoyed the hype of being experts. It is going to be a huge pull to concentrate on diversification of our skills, and will take great trust in the power of community for us all to engage fully in multi-skilled teams. But this is where the next North Node is heading towards and is pointing us towards what the world needs us to engage in for our best chances of survival

To put the Nodes in a Nutshell

“And of course it is important to work out where the North Node is going to interact with your own natal planets and angles during this time.

Look at any planets you have in Cancer or Capricorn giving conjunctions and oppositions. Or planets in Aries or Libra giving squares to this nodal energy.

This will in some way inform your karmic path over the next 18 months”

My most heartfelt advise to everyone is to pay attention to where their attention is focused and how it is expressed. Ask yourself:-

  • Am I more reliant on authority, procedure and routine? Or am I more focused on love, sharing and self-resourcing?
  • Do I feel compromised by my resources? Are my resources premised on me acting in ways that contradict my inner moral guidance?
  • Can I make following my heart affordable? If so how can I do it?
  • If I make following my heart/love and community my guiding principle, what other beneficial actions might this lead to?

Live as cleanly and as peacefully as you can so you can listen to your heart and be available to listen to the hearts of others. We are moving into times where we can embrace a new social way of being…a time of re-learning, community, interaction.

Learning deep trust and intimacy at this stage is vital now, to ensure that when we are ready to learn and contribute within our communities and for our communities, we have the ‘vocal’ and behavioural characteristics of sharing, embedded into our psyche.

We’re coming home. Humanity is coming home.

I really hope this Nodal synopsis is of use. For more information on how the North Node in Cancer might affect you, why not have a listen to  my podcasts on Spotify?

The North Node/South Node and Saturn and Pluto

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