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September New Moon Forecast – The Truth Release

“This energy is tuned in to clarity. The Virgo New Moon challenges Neptune to ‘come clean’ and because both Neptune, the Sun and the Moon are in supportive aspects to Pluto (transformation) and Jupiter (expansiveness, optimism), there’s a strong element that the solution can be revealed.”

I recently said this of the September New Moon (taking place on 9th September at 19.01 UTC) in the blog piece ‘Releasing the Retrogrades’ . And following on from my first impressions, have spent a few moments analysing the full cosmic makeup, including asteroids, trans-neptunian objects and other heavenly bodies. So an expanded version of this forecast is available below. To listen in, click on the MP3 player.

Listen in to New Moon Forecast below 

In the forecast above, I go on to describe the Asteroid and heavenly body picture further and how that all fits in to ‘The Truth Release’ theme. Notably, I mention:

  • The Hephaistos, Sappho and Hermes conjunction (all exactly square the Sun and Moon)
  • The Arachne conjunct Neptune
  • The Varuna / Uranus Square
  • The Quaoar Orpheus and Sphinx conjunction (all exactly square Chiron)

This New Moon is about challenging and breaking patterns and finding the growth that inevitably comes from seeing where we have lied to ourselves, been deliberately lied to. It also describes why humanity as a whole might want to ‘fog/disrupt/corrupt and discredit’ truth and vulnerability.

It’s also part of an ongoing journey, taking us right through to the new season, with September’s Equinox, followed quickly by the Full Moon. It may be worth listening to this forecast too!

If you’re currently going through a tricky situation where information is being hidden from you, or where you are being discredited/scapegoated to keep others safe, then this could be useful to listen to, so you can ‘set your intention’ during the New Moon.

Hold the intention that you have a clear solution.  That the light is ‘lovingly’ shining on shame and secrets revealing clarity, truth and empathy.

And of course, if you’d like to learn more about how these themes are playing out in your own life, drop me a line to book a consultation.

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“When god was handing out gifts you clearly had both hands open for yours!

That was a fascinating hour to listen to! My friend was here and was so annoyed she’d to leave for work halfway through!

So – you hit lots of nails in the head and gave me complete confirmation I’m doing the right thing and the feeling of what I feel to be right is now a bold knowing. ” – Jackie Roberts, August 2018

Take it easy during the New Moon everyone! x

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