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Equinox to Full Moon – Getting to the Root Cause

“It’s energy is not gentle, nor is it considerate. It is like getting an almighty telling off from your parents, that renders you so numb, that your mind can close down to hear another message from that part of you that wants healing..”

This is what I said of the Equinox – Full Moon window taking place between the 23rd -25th September in the blog piece ‘Releasing the Retrogrades’

And not much has changed in my assessment of it. This two day window of healing is a shocker for those wanting to clear up issues pertaining to childhood issues, systemic abuse/harm, and scapegoating. It would seem that the themes we experience personally are also being explored politically too.

To understand the deeper picture, have a listen below to my forecast

Listen in to Equinox/Full Moon Forecast below

In the forecast above, I go on to describe the cosmic picture further and how that all fits in to ‘Getting to the Root Cause’ theme.  I continue the story from the New Moon Forecast linking in how the cosmic energy is flowing and changing. Notably I mention:

At the time of the Equinox

  • The Quaoar, Chiron and Hygiea conjunction (all exactly square to the Sun)
  • The Moon exactly conjunct Nessus at 7 degrees Pisces

At the time of the Full Moon

  • Salacia conjunct the Moon / Opposition the Sun
  • Niobe opposition Saturn
  • The Grand square between Salacia, Moon, Niobe, Saturn and the Sun
  • How we can see our parents within astrology – Transactional Analysis

This two day window is hugely shocking, reminding us that the ‘sins of our fathers’ (and grandfathers, and great grandfathers), are alive and kicking in 2018. It talks of a need to recognise how and where these patterns have come about. It also speaks of the need to release, acknowledge and let go of them.

In reality noone has ‘sinned’ – we’ve just all been recipients of faulty emotional scarcity programming.

The danger of this two day window is in the resistance and unconscious dishonesty to avoid ‘going there’. Many people do not want to see how and why they might have been part of the pattern or ‘unconsciously agreed’ to perpetuate this. A bit like the conscious mind, many of us have been and still are ‘gatekeepers’, preserving the ‘old dysfunctions’ as if our lives depended on it. At some level they do, because to consider reevaluating our past behaviours, might mean to internally accept change.

If this rings a bell and you are feeling discredited/scapegoated/silenced, then this could be useful to listen to, so you can ‘set your intentions’ during the Equinox and Full Moon.

The overall message of this seasonal portal is this:-

Hold the intention that you are defined by your own authority.  That you are moving effortlessly past the authority of your programming. You are free to programme yourself and to take full responsibility for who you are.

And of course, if you’d like to learn more about how these themes are playing out in your own life, drop me a line to book a consultation.

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“When god was handing out gifts you clearly had both hands open for yours!

That was a fascinating hour to listen to! My friend was here and was so annoyed she’d to leave for work halfway through!

So – you hit lots of nails in the head and gave me complete confirmation I’m doing the right thing and the feeling of what I feel to be right is now a bold knowing. ” – Jackie Roberts, August 2018

Happy Autumn and Full Moon everyone! x

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