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August’s New Moon/Partial Eclipse – Let yourself ROAR!….

New Moon/August 11th 2018 / 10.57 GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse/August 11th 2018 / 10.46 GMT

Here’s the details I’m most interested in with this week’s New Moon/Eclipse and the overall energies of lunar magic. Their meaning and explanation is below:-

  • Sun conjunct Moon in Leo at 18 degrees
  • Finger of Yod pattern involving Neptune (15 deg Pisces), Pluto (19 deg Capricorn), with the finger pointing to the Mercury, Pallas, Sun, Moon conjunction
  • Mars retrograde conjunct Lilith at 0 deg Aquarius also conjunct Pandora at 29 deg Capricorn IN EXACT OPPOSITION to Vulkanus at 0 deg Leo
  • Uranus in a T-square to Mars, Lilith, Pandora and Vulkanus
  • Sun/Moon exactly square asteroid Hopi (2938) and Hermes (69230), and in opposition to Centaur Okyrhoe
  • Mars out of bounds at 26 degree declination

The New Moon/Eclipse aspects setting the scene:-

Sun/Moon in Leo conjunct Pallas and Mercury retrograde

With the New Moon in Leo, we’ve got a natural new start to express ourselves and to reclaim our childlike innocence, or rather that’s how it ought to happen. For those of us who have felt stifled by other’s expectations, we’re more likely to find ourselves in  time of trying to RECLAIM OUR CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE and to right the perceived wrongs to our inner child.

So this is a time of inner child healing on a massive scale, because until we can free up space in our minds and hearts to begin believing in ourselves again, there’s no room for us to engage in the typical Leo style activities of playfulness, creativity and sovereignty.

The strong conjunction to Pallas Athene indicates a definite focus on seeing through the patterns and wanting to connect to the truth. Add in Mercury retrograde and this New Moon is perfect for delving in deeper to unravel the past, and see the new truths that were hidden in plain sight from your own childhoods. This is an intense energy for sure, and anyone whose birthchart ties in with one or more of these aspects (by degree, ie: one of your birth planets is conjunct/square/opposite 18 degrees Leo) will have a natural resonance to the implied change and vigour of August’s New Moon.

Finger of Yod pattern to the New Moon

Traditionally this pattern showing up in a chart indicates a sacred destiny, but one that comes about from feeling like something isn’t quite right, and not being able to put your finger on it.

In respects of this New Moon, it would seem that there are opportunities to transform your expression (Pluto), that come from a blind spot. Similarly, confusing messages and dreams that have recently come to light, offer a chance to find clarity (Neptune).

The resolution in reaching the transformation and clarity, lies in embracing the truth and patterns from childhood and being able to create something dynamic from them. Leo represented by the king of the jungle is also asking us to remember our sovereignty, so it might be that from understanding and unraveling ancient patterns you can transform to find your rightful clarity and a much needed boost of self-esteem. And of course from this new perspective of deep insight, will come some of your most precious and daring creations, that you’ve never dreamed of actualising!

Sun/Moon square Hopi/Hermes opposition

And with the Sun/Moon in a square to the Hopi and Hermes opposition, there’s tension in us finding the right information for our truth as there are mitigating factors. Firstly Hermes, the trickster is using all the tricks in the book to make sure his deceit cannot be discovered. And he is one smart cookie….and the other mitigating factor, the Hopi square indicates that the opposition is very real and will put up a strong fight to keep the very ground they live in. I guess, whatever is guarding the information we seek, is not currently happy to reveal all. This is emphasised by the New Moon in opposition to Centaur Okyrhoe

Sun/Moon in opposition to centaur Okyrhoe

Okyrhoe, said to have the gift of prophecy, and to have all the answers, was also bound by the Gods to keep quiet about certain things….so there appears to be a double bind, restraining people from not only confirming their truth, but from the gatekeepers who might want to speak out, but have allegiances to other people. A frustrating situation where you might find out more than you are permitted to speak out about.

The key patterns involving Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde has been prominent this season as it moved into alignment with the South Node this summer, digging deep into our collective pain from our past and past lives. Mars goes retrograde every couple of years and marks a time of built up anger finding a way out.

Its alignments and connections throughout the recent Solstice, Moons and two Eclipses has given us a more active summer than usual as we have become aware of deep anger, resentment and restrictions that we have been putting up with. Even on a planetary level this is evident from the recent spate of earthquakes and devastating fires. Lives, homes and comfortable lifestyles are being destroyed by the heat sweeping in.

Conjunct Lilith and Pandora – Stand and deliver!

Lilith is an energy of speaking up against repression. It is seems like an angry outburst, and maybe it is, but those involved with the energy of Lilith have felt sidelined and that their inconvenient truth has been silenced – hence the anger offensive.

And we probably all know the story of Pandora and her box, unleashing hell on earth as she opened up all the troubles ever afflicted on humanity. She managed to keep ‘hope’ in the box, as everything else escaped. Out of Pandora’s curiosity came the knowledge that would cause great upset and unrest.

Strangely in mythology it is said that Hermes created Pandora out of stone – and he created her fickle and difficult to please. If you can understand who or what the ‘Hermes’ energy from this New Moon is related to you in your life, you’ll have a direct connection to the hows and wherefores of your situation.

When we consider finally that Mars is exactly conjunct both Pandora and Lilith, we have a strong energy of repressed anger surfacing out of recent revelations. A volcanic, uprising of stored energy needing to released.

Mars in oppositon to Vulkanus – There she blows!

Vulkanus is an energy representing almost unlimited power and a strong genius ability to forge ahead, recover quickly and move mountains. When it is negatively implicated within a chart it represents an uncontrollable anger, brutality and violence. In opposition to Mars retrograde, Lilith and Pandora we have a highly combustible situation, where energies are set to blow at a moment’s notice.

If you have a strongly aspected Mars or Vulkanus, be warned that the lid is lifting through the extreme pressure of outside sources. Take precautions to keep your calm

And as if we needed any more touch paper, this is all square Uranus! And Mars is out of bounds!!

Uranus adds in even more surprise and explosiveness. And when a planet goes ‘out of bounds’ it is like a planet on Steroids…..MARS ON STEROIDS!! Aaarghhhh….if ever there was a raw moment of pure masculine energy to tap into for some absolute precise, definite and life changing event. This is it!

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in a nutshell

So I’m a bit hesitant to sign off this New Moon with calming platitudes and ‘it’s all going to be alrights!’ – because tensions are high right now. Pride (a strong Leo emotion) is at an all time high, and people are sensitive to issues of repression, violence, brutality, force and tricky situations that might have re-surfaced from the past. And they are outraged to be put on the spot.

If you’re seeking the truth, and are prepared to go at it, irrespective of the consequences…then go on my kitty………Curiosity and determination will get you answers, but the forces you might be pissing off in the process, might just cut you lose. Hopefully curiosity won’t kill the cat, but it might end a relationship or two.

If you’re currently hiding the truth, or have secrets from the past that you’re resistant to hold your hand up to, beware……if the knowledge you have has directly caused someone else to feel ‘less sovereign’, you might find yourself suddenly held to account. And given the energies right now, rather than admit your involvement, you’ll be more likely to dig your heels in and fight to preserve your dignity/pride.

In all tricky energetic situations my advice is nearly always this….. be honest with yourself and do your best to let loose what you can, while you can. The trouble with the energy that this New Moon sets off, is that the longer the stalemate goes on for, the more terrible, angry and violent the outcomes are likely to be.

This is a time when people want to be right rather than happy. So it’s important to be prepared for curveballs, find ways to self soothe and find peace in your own dominion.


Find out more about how this situation affects you directly by booking a reading with me today. As a New Moon treat,  if you book before the 15th August, and quote ‘New Moon Gift’, you’ll qualify for a 20% discount from a full priced 90 minute consultation.

Louisa x


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