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Chiron in Aries, April 2018- April 2027

Defensive posturing?

Has anyone else recently noticed the ”shit is really hitting the fan’? Noticed that people are fighting for the sake of fighting? That social media is getting a little out of hand and people are projecting their anger? That our governments are advocating war, mostly against the will of the people and on dubious grounds? It seems things are getting really ‘eggy’ on planet Earth and ‘No you are not imagining things’…

There are a few astrological culprits that I’ve seen quoted in this…. In Late March, Mercury retrograde was being blamed for the confusion and miscommunication of the situation. But Mercury is now direct again in May, and the anger and hurt is ongoing.

Uranus is also creating waves. He is on the move soon  into Taurus in May, signalling a worldwide gear change. His influence is already being felt, creating a feeling of deep-rooted insecurity in his explosive need for autonomy. More on Uranus, this week.

But the real energy that I think is being picked up on right now, is the energy of Chiron. And not just Chiron energy, but the blend of Chiron energy as experienced through the Aries lens. Let’s have a look at Chiron first, before understanding how it mixes with Aries.

Who is ‘The wounded healer’?

Now you can be forgiven if you’ve not heard of Chiron before, because he’s not classed as an actual planet. He’s classed as a minor planet and he’s also known as a comet, and he doesn’t have a straightforward orbit like our other planets in the Solar system. Chiron’s orbit moves in between the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus, which means that sometimes, Chiron might be in a zodiac sign for up to 8-9 years (when he’s in Pisces and Aries), and other times he’ll be in a zodiac sign for 1.5-2 years (when he’s in Virgo and Libra). Listen in here to hear me talk about Chiron or carry on reading 🙂

Chiron is known as ‘The Wounded Healer’, and represents the pain that hounds us, that we feel unable to address. Call it childhood pain, parent issues, a physical condition that gets you down…..it’s that part of us that we struggle to get free of. We’ve all got this ‘wounding’, somewhere in our lives, as represented within our birthcharts. For many of us, the wounds are obvious for everyone else to see, but we’re quite unconscious to it, hence our inability to face it head on and relieve it. Its a condition we feel victim to.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a gifted healer and a wise teacher. So Chiron in our natal charts also shows us where we have potential to heal and how our healing can take place.

As a celestial body that is sometimes orbiting around the outer planet Uranus, and then sometimes crossing the orbit of Saturn in the direction of the inner planets, Chiron is seen to bring the outer planet themes (deep unconscious transformation), into our midst through personal struggle, responsibility and structure (as represented by Saturn), and through sudden opportunities for growth (represented by Jupiter). This valuable learning is then actualised and lived through the expression of our inner planetary positions (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). I have recorded a short podcast here that explains the relationship between the outer and inner planets of the solar system.

Chiron in a nutshell

Chiron shows up as:-

  • A teacher, guru, new belief system
  • A physical healing challenge (often relieved by natural lifestyle change and self healing)
  • A mental healing challenge (often  based on childhood pain, relieved by accepting what is and by using radical forgiveness)

These often lead to:-

  • a sacred journey
  • passage/gateway/transit/portal to a new way of being
  • a healing relationship
  • more authentic work
  • more responsibility (possibly caring for another)
  • connection / a deeper sense of self
  • you become the teacher
  • you take responsibility for your own healing. Doctor heal thyself.

Much of Chiron’s impact is realised (or not), when Chiron connects to one of our natal planets in our birthchart. As this is a slow moving minor planet, there will be specific times in your life when Chironic themes are deeper, and other times when you appear delightfully free. Around your 50th/51st birthday, for example everyone experiences a Chiron return, where Chiron returns to the exact spot it was in at the time of your birth. This reawakens any healing opportunity in your life that you have not yet laid to rest.

Also, if your natal Chiron is strongly aspected within your natal chart, you will have a penchant for transforming and living through your childhood pain. Many caregivers, healers and doctors have strong Chiron themes in their birthchart. I have recorded two podcasts here detailing how you check your own Chiron in your birthchart:- Where’s your wounding part 1, Where’s your wounding part 2

So that’s Chiron energy. Doesn’t sound that perilous, though it does sound painful. Let’s add in the Aries element now.

Aries – fighting for the right to be me

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign, ruled by Mars (the Roman God of war). Ares was the name of the Greek God of war.  As the first sign, Aries carries with it a flair for the dramatic, for grabbing the attention, for shocking, for taking action. Aries is very much, act first, reflect later. Or in the case of social media ‘React first’.

Aries are natural leaders, because they are usually quite happy to move things forward. This forward moving energy is what is blending right now with the Chiron ‘wounds’. And so for people who have ‘wounds’ that they’ve not yet laid to rest, there’s material there for a blow up, for defensiveness, for a reaction when your wound is remembered.

For the last 8 years, Chiron has been in Pisces, creating a huge awakening for lots of creative, soulful Pisces types or people with key planets in the sign of Pisces. Whilst Chiron has been in Pisces, the collective wound has been mysterious. Like an iceberg, we had glimpses of what we think the wound is, but in reality the vast majority of the collective pain and damage on Earth has been obscured. In the same way that most of the Iceberg mass is out of view, is unseen. But now, that Chiron is in Aries, all of a sudden the problems and pain are acute, are tangible and are throbbing.

I’ve recorded a podcast here for you to listen in more to my thoughts on Chiron’s move into Aries and what that might mean to us collectively, individually and spiritually. I’m particularly interested in how this will also blend with the energies of Uranus moving into Taurus on 15th May 2018, less than a month after Chiron’s move – and I’ll record a video or podcast about the effect of Chiron AND Uranus changing signs together. Stay tuned.

Tides are turning

It’s safe to say, my preoccupation at the moment is in seeing in this next phase of humanity’s growth and I see the changes of the outer planets as being critical. From now until the end of 2020, we are destined for an intense roller coaster ride of reform, new technologies and deep changes in the way society works together. I’m hoping for a flatter more transparent hierarchy, and am really intending that humans break free from the conditioned slavery most of us have grown accustomed to.

We’ll see soon enough what is coming to pass, but for now should you want to explore Chiron within your own chart, please do have a look at these links or drop over to my patreon page. You might like my breakdown of how Chiron expresses himself through each sign and through the houses of your birthchart. I also explore what happens when Chiron transits through one of your houses. Trust me, when I say it is life transforming!

Learn more about Chiron

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