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The Real Life Stories of Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter going into Scorpio will affect us all in one way or another, and for some of us it will have a bigger impact. Much of this depends on our personal charts and where the sign of Scorpio falls.  It can also depend on where Pluto is in our charts as Pluto rules Scorpio. For people with a strong Scorpio, these periods of time, can have a dramatic influence in shaping our lives.

In my own birthchart, I have Uranus in the first couple of degrees in Scorpio conjunct my Scorpio Ascendant. Uranus is in aspect to both my Sun, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter.  My Pluto is in my eleventh house and my Pluto aspects 4 planets and is exactly trine the asteroid Pallas Athena. It is safe to say that the Scorpio vibe is strong in my chart. And my life has shifted considerably each time Jupiter has gone into Scorpio.

As so often is the case with the bigger transits, you can feel the change coming on ahead of Jupiter actually moving into Scorpio. Most notably because it goes over Pluto in Libra first, usually sparking an initial intense, shocking event, that later catalyses into the shape of my new life. Call it an awareness of dissatisfaction, that can no longer be ignored. The new life is beckoning. The initial event sets the theme.

Soon after, Jupiter reaches my Uranus in Scorpio and activates the energy of my Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter at the same time. By the time Jupiter reaches my Scorpio ascendant, much of the growth is under way. I have two lasting memories of Jupiter in Scorpio times that I’m happy to share that emphasise the kind of change we’re talking about. During both these occasions there were other significant transits going on, further describing the clues to these shifts.

Jupiter in Scorpio – October 1993 to November 1994

“I was sitting my A-levels when Jupiter first went over my Pluto and felt a sense of frustration coming on and a sense of rebellion. I was due to go to university, but wasn’t feeling it. I really didn’t want to go and took no obvious actions to support going to university beyond securing a place. I was actually feeling quite trapped at the thought of having to do something, I wasn’t quite sold on. I couldn’t quite get excited to study a subject that I couldn’t see being directly useful in my life and none of the courses that I had seen seemed right for me. One morning a few weeks into the school holiday, I awoke after a dream and just knew that I needed to leave home and move to France. As you can imagine my parents were not impressed at the thought of their first born (at 18) suddenly wandering off without a plan or savings to live in another country, but that is exactly what I did do. Three days later, I was sat in a Parisian train terminal, with my head in my hands thinking ‘God what have I done?’ and wondering what my next step was. The script to my new adventure was being written in real time. Luckily for me, I had found a job and a place to live within my first week of arrival. Not bad for an 18 year old with only £100 to her name! I declined my offer of a a place at university in September. My contracted job came to an end on the 1st October, to be resumed again in February 1994. During the winter, I came home to my bewildered parents and chose to work in London until February. By the end of this transit I had also begun formally studying my beloved Astrology. I continued to enjoy living in France for a few years and working on short term contracts. With Jupiter going over my my ascendant, it facilitated an exploration of who I was and what my values were.  And my principal value was living my truth and not kowtowing to what I was culturally expected to do”.

As this was going on Saturn was going retrograde and then direct over my IC (the point of home), showing a deep instability on the home front and in knowing where home actually was. Also the Neptune/Uranus conjunction at 20 degrees Capricorn was on the cusp of my third house showing a need to be free to express myself in an unusual way, that study could only continue in an easy and exciting way, and that my local community would be different, changed and exciting. These were very exciting times.

Jupiter in Scorpio – October 2005 to November 2006

“I was feeling trapped again and in the last throes of an 11 year relationship. When Jupiter passed over Pluto, in March 2005, we tried a trial separation, but by June we were trying counselling. And then we plodded into a numb kind of no man’s land until Jupiter went into Scorpio in October 2005. When it went over Uranus, it signalled an attraction to another person. Then by Christmas, I knew it was over. It took quite some time to truly separate as our lives had been firmly entwined for many years, but the process of separation begun in earnest within a month of Jupiter’s sign change”.

Of equal significance was Pluto 3 degrees away from my natal Sun, and Uranus transiting my Moon/ Jupiter conjunction in my 4th house of home. Uranus can be a home breaker, and Pluto a game changer. My split meant big change.

In each of these situations,  the situations of stagnation and dislike of another’s authority had been building for some time within me. Jupiter passing Pluto, Uranus and then going over my ascendant is like a ‘clean slate’ aspect for me and ‘en-courages’ me to have the bravery to embrace new change and to grow a new situation. It has meant facing my fears of the pain of disruption, and to connect to the feeling of freedom and lightheartedness.

How you’ll react to Jupiter going through Scorpio will no doubt be coded differently within your own chart. If something important has happened during the last transit or two, you might find that something big is already on it’s way.

Here’s another way of looking at it from another real life story. This person has his Moon, his IC (part of the home and family), and Neptune in Scorpio. His natal Pluto is conjunct Uranus and is in opposition to a Saturn / Chiron conjunction. As his opposition is also aspected to his IC and Neptune, when any planet transits one of these points, it sets off a sequence of change.

It’s not difficult to see why the Jupiter in Scorpio ‘brings in’ a strong need for spirituality and the arrival of a life changing mentor, with this person.  Nor why, it is necessary to move home with all the Scorpio energy in the 4th house of ‘home’. Pluto  (the modern ruler of Scorpio) is conjunct Uranus (ALL CHANGE / A SHOCKING NEED FOR AUTHENTICITY) and is triggered by an older mentor represented by Saturn conjunct Chiron (wounded healer types with a deep reverence for natural order). This aspect brings the reverence and need for earthly balance to be accounted for.

Jupiter in Scorpio – October 1993 to November 1994

“We started to live separate lives in the same house in 1992, but by xmas 1993, I realised it was too late and that my relationship was over. I went into an extreme depression and darkness, which was only relieved by a moment of divine relief that occured in January 1994. The divine relief was the knowledge that everything was going to be ok, and that everything is ok. That is what the divine is. All the time I was going through this darkness I was under the mentorship of my neighbour who introduced me to the school of philosophy, and various transcendental ways of thinking, and I was looking into community building and various ways of living. I couldn’t make sense of consumerism and modern nuclear families. I was fascinated by permaculture and alternative ways.  My mentor had the idea of buying the house from us and turning it into a commune, and new people came along and joined the commune. But I realised that it didn’t really work for me, at which time I came along a different mentor who said I needed ‘a mucky blonde and a bacon sandwich’! An utterly transformational time”.

Jupiter in Scorpio – October 2005 to November 2006

“I was living in a family home approaching midlife crisis. I felt so alone, and had become very dissatisfied with the sleepiness and the familiarity of family life and the inability to make it work in a way that fulfilled me.  A lack of ability to have vulnerable conversations. I didn’t want to have vulnerable conversations because I feared I might lose everything, but at the same time, I was happy to walk away from everything.  I would rather at that time be unhappy and cause chaos rather than be happy and look foolish. I didn’t want to own up to my sexual demands, or appetite and show preferences. It wasn’t about looking good, but more about not looking bad. I was avoiding looking bad and instead causing pain and chaos for myself and other people. In the end I walked away from my relationship, and the wish to be free and longing for free self expression.  I moved into a healing centre, and I made me utterly available to ‘woman’ in whatever way she would have me and expressed myself in a way that I thought would never happen, but couldn’t allow myself to live with the doubt of not doing so. I had to let go of shame”.

In each return of Jupiter in Scorpio for this person, it has meant the end of a relationship that had stagnated, and a change in the way he lived his life. Each time, Jupiter in Scorpio brought to him either mentors or traditional ‘healing’ scenarios – a touch of deep longing for a simpler way of life and a spiritual purpose. Other Scorpio themes include sexuality, and the separation of assets.

During his first Jupiter in Scorpio transit, he was just about to experience his first Saturn return, in his 8th house of transformation. He also had the North Node and Pluto transiting through his 4th house of home and family. He also had Chiron going through his first house of identity. It is not surprising that he experienced a dark night of the soul.

During the second Jupiter in Scorpio transit this person additionally had transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Mercury/Venus conjunction in the 12th house. Saturn in the twelth house can often bring about depression, and Saturn transiting Venus can often affect our relationships.

How will Jupiter in Scorpio affect you?

Here’s a checklist of considerations when deciphering how Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio might affect you.

  1. Look through what you were experiencing in your life during the previous Jupiter in Scorpio transits (Oct 93-Nov 94 / Oct 2005 – Nov 2006)
  2. If you have experienced/remembered two Jupiter in Scorpio transits, were there any linking themes that came up each time?
  3. Where is Scorpio in your chart?
  4. Are one of your angles in Scorpio? (Ascendant, Imum Coeli/IC, Descendant, Midheaven/MC/Medium Coeli)
  5. Are either of your Sun or Moon in Scorpio?
  6. Do you have any other planets in Scorpio?
  7. Where is Pluto in your chart?
  8. Does your Pluto form any strong aspects with other bodies within your chart?

Of course, I am very happy to guide you through this process with a personalised Jupiter report.  The report costs £39 for a 30 minute MP3 recording. Within this report, you’ll receive:-

  • The low down on how luck and growth are triggered in your chart and how you can harness this energy to use over the next two years
  • Where your life is about to be transformed and how you can make it look easy
  • A list of key times when you are in a growth and transformation pattern and how to arrange your resources to use these effectively.
  • This report will also include interpretations of asteroids Tyche (Luck), Fortuna (Fortune), Ops (Optimism) and Abundantia (Abundance)

Alternatively you might prefer to invest in a full 90 minute astrological reading for £99. If you choose to invest in both, you’ll qualify for an extra free 15 minute Karmic destiny report!

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