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Jupiter in Scorpio – Your Journey of Intrigue

Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun takes 11.86 years to complete. It therefore changes astrological sign approximately every 12 months, sometimes more and sometimes less. This month, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and will reside there for just under 13 months. So what does this transit mean to us? If you can remember back 12 years to what was happening last time, you’ll have a head start. But if you can’t remember, let’s explore some of the themes about to surprise and delight us…

About Jupiter

When we come across Jupiter in Astrology, Jupiter represents hope, expansion, luck, optimism, generosity and abundance. It describes how situations in our lives might grow, and yield results. It shows our own approach to expansion in all it’s forms. For instance Jupiter can represent when our waistlines are due to expand, as well as our investments!

Jupiter also represents humour and slapstick. It’s where we get the word Jovial from. As such it can also represent where we are careless and a bit too optimistic. ‘A bit too’ is a good description of how Jupiter can influence us, because we might underestimate our abilities during an important Jupiter transit, and trip ourselves up.  Jupiter is a ‘bon viveur’ and doesn’t know when to stop (that’s Saturn’s strong point). Pride comes before a fall and Jupiter’s regal energy certainly can inflate our sense of self, when it is strongly aspected in our charts.

About Scorpio

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and is traditionally linked to the great mysteries of life and our understanding of the ‘certainties’ of life that we have no control over. In plain speak Scorpio and the 8th house govern,  life, death, rebirth, transformation, sex, other people’s money and taxes. It’s a tough wicket, the 8th house, because only the utterly fearless of us are comfortable to dive headlong into the matters of the 8th house, without years of confidence in our abilities to adapt and grow through the challenge of it.  Most of us, spend lots of our lives actively avoiding the subjects managed through Scorpio type / 8th house energy, and so when we are confronted with these themes, it is normal to gulp, stutter and take a moment to reflect. It is like facing our own mortality.

“Our emotions are likely to swell up and roll around like a naked couple at the brink of orgasm. And with Scorpio’s and Jupiter’s love of exploring new things, there is an invitation to try out something new

As a water sign, Scorpio encourages us to connect with our emotions and to delve deep into our psychic oceans. It is a murky and dangerous swim that could shock us, enlighten and threatens to change our lives forever. Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Pluto, and so the power to regenerate and destroy is also a common theme for a Scorpio based transit.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Allef Vinicius

As Jupiter moves from Libra, where it has been expanding our awareness of social issues and moves into Scorpio – the gloves will be off.  Jupiter’s expansive energy will be unleashed to probe very deeply to the core of our belief systems about all aspects of life, death and all that lies in between.

With the current repetitive memes of ‘Austerity’ in the western culture, I believe Jupiter’s first moments into Scorpio will have us running scared for our own safety in the realistation of where the austerity narrative might take us. We will connect the dots of ‘the austerity narrative’ and fully understand where this track could take us. As is usually the case, the worst influences of a planet reveal themselves first of all. I think this might be partly because people tend to be sceptical as a defensive measure and Scorpio with it’s clever sting, is plenty defensive. Jupiter’s expansiveness here, will be reflected in how out of control we find our deepest emotions, and how we struggle to manage them.

Once we have worked out the first few kinks of our heightened fear, the Jupiter in Scorpio energy might take us to a different sort of ‘bad behaviour’ where again we delve into the sides of ourselves that we usually keep hidden. The kind of attitude of  ‘well if I’m going down, I might as well enjoy myself’, could bring out some quite unexpected frissons of sexual energy where sparks of attraction ignite out of nowhere and take us on a deluge of salacious thoughts, fantasies and dreams. Alternatively, the hedonistic side of us could come out, in relation to mind altering drugs, parties and just going that bit further than we usually do. Jupiter’s excess and Scorpio’s depth could have us reacting unexpectedly. Remember, Scorpio is a water sign and as such is emotional. Jupiter is a planet of excess. Our emotions are likely to swell up and roll around like a naked couple at the brink of orgasm. And with Scorpio’s and Jupiter’s love of exploring new things, there is an invitation to try out something new. All of these doors open up to new realities, not necessarily permanent, but enough to bring us closer to who we really are, and that’s the real point of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Once all the surprise, shock, delight and entertainment of the Jupiter in Scorpio energy has subsided, we’ll be free to get on with the real work of this aspect, and that is to ‘meet our maker’, and to face ‘our purpose’ and to be ok with it all. This aspect allows us to explore all the repressed sides of our personality thoroughly enough so that we learn something that can help us evolve into much more resilient and compassionate people, and as many of you know, a strong immune system needs some dirt to really practise itself. This is not a ‘sterile’ transit.

Jupiter in Scorpio, October 2017 – November 2018

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10th October 2017 at 13.20 UT, it makes four key aspects describing some of it’s inherent idiosyncrasies.  Two of the aspects are quietly contained and easy to work with, and two are explosive, surprising and energetic.

The two easier aspects show Jupiter in a trine to the Moon and conjunct asteroid SIWA (140), showing this transit as being quite satisfying, and with a good flow of generosity, love and healing. Jupiter brings happy times, with it’s trine to the Moon. Jupiter might also be a bit laid back and not need to work too hard here.  Jupiter is also feeling amourous, sensual and expansive with Siwa’s energy (goddess of fertility and love). Having Jupiter conjunct this asteroid at the time he ingresses into Scorpio, brings things forth. This is very useful energy for fertility and love. I see this as a good omen that people wanting to find resolution in love and fertility, can use this energy during it’s transit. They have an opportunity to delve into the reasons that have stopped the flow of this energy before, and to get ready to receive.

“All of these doors open up to new realities, not necessarily permanent, but enough to bring us closer to who we really are, and that’s the real point of Jupiter in Scorpio. We’ll be free to get on with the real work of this aspect, and that is to ‘understand our purpose’ and to be ok with it all.”

But with Jupiter’s opposition and contraparalell to Uranus, we have a sizzle, and possibly an explosion. The urge to meet others, is not balanced properly, so we have an over-ambitious Jupiter, that expands almost too quickly without proper structures in place to support the rapid expansion. There’s an element of quick, sudden progression with Jupiter and Uranus here – the big question is will you be ready to leap forward when opportunity comes knocking? And with Jupiter square the hypothetical planet Vulcanus, we have excessive energy, pride and control issues. There is a need to not show our vulnerability. But where we deny our vulnerabilities, we rob ourself of much needed healing and opportunities to expand lovingly.

So to top it off, I’d say, allow this energy to penetrate to the core of who you are. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable with all the things you can’t control. And be open to the inevitable expansion of your emotional dreams. Don’t let false pride keep you in a stasis pattern. Jupiter in Scorpio is going to en-courage (make us all that bit braver) you to move forward in an emotionally rich way. As my husband often says ‘This sh*t is about to get real!’

So are you excited yet? Are you a bit scared? Are you wondering how this transit might affect you in your charts? To get a better idea of how to interpret Jupiter in your own chart, here’s 4 real life examples of a Jupiter in Scorpio transit (2 of which are my own). I’ve also included a handy checklist of things to look at in your own chart in reference to how you’ll cope with this transit. For a breakdown of Jupiter in Scorpio, sign by sign, look out for my next blog post ‘What Jupiter has in store for you’

Of course, should you want to invest in a bespoke, private Jupiter update, I have a limited edition package available.

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