Off-grid and Off-the-scale – patterns within patterns

As you may know, I love finding and sharing on astrological patterns. I recently went to the Off Grid Festival in Devon, UK with my family. My husband Carl (AKA The Barefoot Broadcaster) comprised part of the media team and was doing impromptu pop-up interviews with speakers and guests. As I was just hanging about with kids and soaking up the sunny vibes, I got talking to a number of visitors to the event. Most of the people there were ’cause based’ people who are very active thinkers in the areas of environment, societal structures, the sharing of wealth, cryptocurrencies, natural health and healing. They also all seemed to be really good eggs.

And so I began to think – is there a template of consciousness to be found within this group of people? Is there an ECO-ACTIVIST type of person?……..And so I randomly offered 5 of them a free mini reading, so I could have a nosey. And to be honest, I just felt like offering a nice gesture to people who are dedicated to the uplift of the planet.

In this group we have a platform speaker, author and director of a well known community/planetary serving organisation, we have a anti-fracking campaigner, we have a film producer, and a couple of volunteers who tour with green based festivals – a real mixed recycled bag, you might say. My group consists of four women and one man.

Here’s what I found and what it means is below:-

      • 3 Aries Sun signs, a Virgo and a Capricorn
      • All Sun signs in either fire or earth signs
      • All Moon signs in either fire or earth signs (two Moons were in Aries)
      • Uranus, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Chiron were prominent in each chart
      • Four had Uranus either conjunct or in opposition to Sun or Moon
      • Oppositions in 3 of them of a personal planet to Chiron
      • Lots of trines involving Vesta, Uranus and Pallas

Clearly, this isn’t a scientific experiment, and obviously you only find what you are already consciously looking for. As such I was really interested in the placement of the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Vesta in particular. But the themes and synchronicity shocked me. It could be that I have an unconscious template for finding earthy/fire types. And maybe those types are naturally more curious to engage with random strangers like me at a festival, who knows? Sadly only two of them had a time of birth, so this is really a loose and baggy exploration.

I would also add, that the predominance in the sign of Aries was striking and might be due to the strong Uranus energies. Out of all the planets, Uranus is the most likely candidate to stir people up enough to want to campaign, protect and stand firm in their convictions for Earth Equality.

But one thing that did strike me, was that during the weekend of the festival, there was a strong fire and earth theme comprising of a grand fire trine and earth trines. The planets involved were the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and of course both Vesta and Pallas

I’ve since remembered that in May I offered a reading to someone who I’d been following on facebook, who had set up his own eco community homestead. I was so impressed with what he had achieved, I was fascinated by what I would see. He had an Earth Sun and Air Moon, but a similar theme of Vesta, Pallas, Chiron and Uranus. In his case, a strong Uranus/Sun connection, and a Vesta/Pallas opposition to Chiron. Coincidence?

I still think there are patterns within patterns and wheels within wheels. What are your thoughts? If you’d like to hear our pop-up shows from the festival, you can listen to them here:-

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My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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