Total Solar Eclipse

What the hell were me and Mr M thinking today driving across the UK, past Stone Henge, during the school hols, THE DAY BEFORE THE ECLIPSE?

Needless to say I have some time on my hands to elaborate further on tomorrow’s Total Solar Eclipse. Whilst I love doing pop up videos, I don’t always capture the nitty gritty behind. It’s easy to generalise, I guess. The video covers the effects of asteriods Isis, and Hephaistos with the solar eclipse. Click here to view on YouTube or here within this site. So let’s have a further look at all the other astrological details:-

The Eclipse is conjuct the north node and exactly trine Uranus. This opens up doorways for us to move forward quickly into the future ‘we always thought we should have been in’. It’s as if our collective and personal karma is getting clearer. As if we are hooked into our dreams and can pull ourselves onto/into that timeline.

With Saturn trine the eclipse, nodes and uranus, we have the ability and resources to realign our goals and reel them in. There is magic in these energies.

What’s more Jupiter and Mars are also lending energy to the eclipse intention. Both are in favourable positions.

I like to use these times as a point of intention. A place to consider, plan and meditate on a more authentic and useful path for me and my family. The meaning offered by the planet, star and asteroid placements, gives me an idea of what kind of activities to involve myself in. Often I’m already somehow involved in manifesting the energies of the cosmos.

But Solar Eclipses are potent. I remember the big one I observed and worked with in the UK in the Summer of 1999. I put out a clear intention to find and move into a house with my then boyfriend. Two weeks after at the FULL MOON we found our house. On the NEW MOON after that, we had our mortgage arranged. We moved house just after the second NEW MOON. When you work with the Moon energy, the patterns of the Moon work for you – and don’t be surprised when changes happen in cyclical Moon phases. 

And so with the energies of moving forward to the future, of reconstruction (after our lives/worlds seem to have been torn apart) and with the energies of devotion/resurrection represented by tomorrow’s cosmic coding, this might be a time when you can push forward with your own life goals. If you’re not sure how the eclipse is aligned to your astrology, I’m offering a quick 15 minute reading specifically focussed on this eclipse. Simply complete the form below and send to me by end of day and you’ll have your reading emailed to you before the eclipse. This mini reading costs 20 British Pounds.

If you’d like a more thorough look at your astrology, click on buy a reading in the menu above.

Aaahhh the traffic is flowing again. We finally bypassed Stone Henge/holiday traffic….I’m off. See you soon xxxx

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Louisa Tanner Munson

My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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