Love Astrology

One of the most frequent subjects clients ask me about is L – O – V – E….yes you got it LOVE! Love in all it’s messiness, sweetness, pain and joy. The kind of love to sweep you off your feet, and also the kind of love that has been dragg-i-n-g it-s f-e-et for too long. No doubt you’ve been in one or both of these relationships at some point. I know I have. And so I totally understand how crazy it can make you feel when you just need some love and want some certainty during uncertain times.

So here’s the real question I think all my clients ask me when they consult me about the L word..Can you see love in astrology? and if so will it work out for me?

It’s a complex question. Here’s what I can do as an astrologer. Maybe another astrologer who has more astrology super-powers than me might have a different answer, but here’s my pledge to you about love.


  • …see when there are good ‘love energies’ in your chart to be ‘tapped into’
  • …find you times when love might come a knocking on your door
  • …see when there are good ‘love connections’ between your chart and that of someone else
  • …give you a pretty accurate description of the relationship energies between you and how you both adore each other, loathe each other and grow stronger or weaker together
  • …see what times are difficult for you as a couple and what times are useful for you
  • …find the best date for you to get married on


  • …say if you’ll get together or not
  • …say for certain that if you’re in a relationship with someone that it will really last or that they will love you in the way that you want
  • …guarantee that the pressures of life won’t make being together painful

As free agents of our own fate, we can always change direction and are free to act on our evolving desires. And so can those we choose to fall in love with.


So how can I help then? Well I can share some of this knowledge with you to use in your own explorations. If you’ve an active interest in astrology, I can teach you some of the patterns I look for to answer your burning love questions. And I can share with you some of the real life love stories that my clients have given me permission to use to share with you the astrological patterns. Over the next few months I’ll be creating the Love Astrology series to teach you how to decode love in your own charts. You’ll learn:-

  1. How to see a love connection between two people with a synastry chart
  2. Understanding the relationship potential of two people using a composite chart
  3. Learn some of the most frequent patterns that crop up between ‘soulmates’
  4. How the progressed chart can indicate the start of a love affair
  5. How the solar return chart can indicate the start of a love affair
  6. How the planetary transits can point to the start of a love affair
  7. Different love asteroids that deepen our understanding of your romantic potential
  8. Real life Astrological Love stories

Of course, you might not want to wait for me to write these articles and your burning desire for answers might need immediate resolution. You might also not have time to learn the basics to be able to apply it to yourself. If that’s the case for you, you’re free to book a reading with me where I can look at all eight points above during your 90 minute consultation. Or phone into our weekly radio show and request a gift reading

Articles coming soon though (promise). Well as quickly as a Sagittarian with Piscean Moon can work xxx




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Louisa Tanner Munson

My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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