The Show Synchronicities

I’m always amazed at how synchronous life is, and nothing convinces me of this more than when I do an astrology show with Carl. We launched the first of our ‘Asteroid’ themed ‘Astrology Shows’ on Sunday 23rd July.

I usually find that people who call in, often have similar themes to the other guests on the show. On this show I looked at the asteroid ‘Talent’ (number 33154), and how it was expressed in the charts of Jim Carrey, David Bowie and Professor Stephen Hawking. The first synchronicity, was in the realising that all 3 were Capricorns, and that two of them even had the same birthday. My criteria for finding these three chaps was to find someone who I thought showed talent in either comedy / drama / science and they were the first three to spring to mind. Weird right?

One of the listeners in our chat room mentioned that she had always found Jim Carrey annoying and that she had felt that he had worn a mask. Carl mentioned something to the effect of how we often mirror or have strong reactions to people with similar patterns. So I did what every astrologer might do under the circumstances and had a look at her chart. Interesting that the planet that pinpoints our projections, Neptune was conjunct both of their ascendants, don’t you think? It gives them both an uncanny way of seeing through projections in other people, but to also be the perfect hook for other people’s projections. Both of them also shared a 10th house Uranus/Midheaven, representing how shocking, different and unconventional each of them can be in their public persona and career. One being a shocking and mischievous comedian, the other being an alternative healer, mystic, intuitive goddess.

There are patterns within patterns, and the shows always (and without exception) come up with fresh patterns every week. As an astrologer, I deal in patterns and in the noticing of them. We’ll soon have a look at Asteroid Pallas Athena on another show – she shows pattern recognition talent amongst other things – but maybe we’ll find a spicier, more exciting asteroid for next week…..See you then x

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Louisa Tanner Munson

My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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