Why I used astrology to choose my wedding date

14.35 The golf cart ‘beeped’ outside my flat and my Dad gave me that wistful but impatient look at me from below. Wordlessly he communicated everything I needed to hear ‘Get a move on and by the way you look beautiful!

why i used astrology to choose my wedding date 14.38 Whizzing around site in a golf buggy! Breastfeeding our son on my lap. Bridesmaids holding on for dear life. Felt breathless and tearful. We drove up to our wedding congregation to tease them, ‘beeped’ our horn loudly and then reversed quickly to the sound of applause. Tears in my eyes. Ready to burst. ‘OMG I’m really about to get married’

14.39 – 14.44 A blur. Everything in slow motion. Can’t remember ‘the how’ of anything. I made it up the lawn without tripping.

179401_10151674536059073_735409975_n14.45  Game face. Snapped back to reality. Walking up the aisle, giggling with my dad as I stumbled in my wedding heels.The Sun warming us. Pashmina’s slipping off guest’s shoulders slightly, shoulders warming. Our music. And there he was. My husband to be. He looked me straight in the eye, and I knew. I smiled. Today

The funny thing is, I’d always shied away from dreaming of a wedding. I think I felt embarrassed and that somehow there would be a day dedicated to my new journey in life. It seemed indulgent in some way. And then suddenly, I was in love, and my new man wanted nothing more than the pleasure of marrying me.

“What’s an astrologer to do..but…check out…EVERY. AVAILABLE. DATE. for the very best chance of marital bliss!”

And so begun my journey into Wedding Date Astrology. I had the knowledge I needed, but had never needed to use it to find a special date before. Not for myself!

The enormity of finding ‘that’ special date weighed heavily on my shoulders. I spent many, many hours compiling a spreadsheet, and woe betide anyone who went near my laptop in those early days. I was a woman possessed. I was nervous…..I believe in astrology. This was my most important job to date, and I was the customer. If I messed it up, could it ruin the love that I currently experience? And of course, what if I pick a date which goes spectacularly wrong, and I look poor professionally?

I needn’t have worried. And it gave me a chance to be the customer and to recognise the fear/excitement and nerves that a couple go through leading up to getting married. So here’s how I counseled myself!


I remembered that the ‘right’ date is totally subjective. All you can find is the best looking set of energies at any one time with the knowledge you have at that time. Having looked at all the dates in a whole year, there were very few times when EVERY set of criteria could be met. You simply find the best possible match for your needs, and for the personality of the marriage you hope to share. In other years, there might be more great times of course.


Even if you have a picture perfect marriage date, it doesn’t mean you will stay together in the marriage. Astrology can’t give you guarantees that your marriage will be a happy one, but it can create the energies needed to give you the best shot. Ultimately it is for both spouses to play their roles and either work together or work against each other in their own personal journeys within the marriage.

One thing I have noticed through my study of celebrity marriage dates (and divorces), is that those ‘picture perfect’ wedding dates, made it easier for couples to separate, when the relationship had run it’s distance. Both ex’s reportedly on good terms following a mutual and straightforward split. Complicated astrology on a wedding day can lead to a complicated break-up when all’s said and done.

In the end it was my husband who said to me ‘imagine that I take you on an exotic honeymoon and you don’t have insect repellant. Would it ruin your honeymoon? No, you’d find some insect repellant, or wear long sleeves. It wouldn’t stop you from enjoying your holiday. And that’s the point, love. Astrology means we pack our suitcases with insect repellant. That you have all available resources to have ‘the best possible’ time together. But you never know, there could be a hurricane on the honeymoon too, and you don’t always get to know this in advance. Fate also brings with it it’s own set of circumstances. You still work with the cards you’re dealt, you just do your best to get the best deal of them.’

And so, that’s how I ended up saying ‘I do’ on Saturday 4th May 2013 at 14.55, but that’s another story….


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Louisa Tanner Munson

My life changed when my mum told me I was a Sagittarius. I've been bonkers about astrology since then!

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